Michael Dapaah’s Net Worth in 2021 (Big Shaq)

What is Michael Dapa’s net worth?

Total Price: $ 1 million
Age: 29
Arising: 10 August, 1991
country of origin: United Kingdom
Sources of funds: Professional comedian / actor
Last Updated: 2021


Michael Dapa, better known by his big name “Big Shake”, is an English comedian, actor, rapper and social media celebrity. She recently rose to fame with the single “Man’s Not Hot”, which has become a viral sensation worldwide.

You know that, you heard the song, you saw the fire in the booth.

As of 2021, Big Shack has total assets of $ 1 million.

early life

Michael Dapah was born on 10 August 1991 in London, England.

Prior to his mainstream success as a comedian, Dapa was working at Vodafone; He said that that was enough for that life, and he wanted to focus on something that allowed him to have more creativity.

This is when he started making comedy skits, and produced characters such as Big Shake, who have now become a big sensation online.

The business

Michael Dapah began his career by producing a social media following for his brief comedic online skits, which he then turned into a mockumentary series on YouTube, titled SWIL (Somewhere in London).

SWIL began to gain around 500,000 views on every episode, but mainstream success did not come until Big Shaq appeared on BBC Radio 1 Extra’s ‘Fire in the Booth’.

After appearing on the show, Big Shake exploded online and released his song ‘Manz Not Hot’, which quickly went viral.

Although Big Shaq is only a character played by Michael Dapah, he has done an incredible job of capturing elements with Sheikh that led to his success.


Some of the best glimpses of Michael Dapah’s career are as follows:

  • Start SWIL (Somewhere in London)
  • Great doubt was born
  • “The Ting Goes” meme went viral on social media
  • Sheikh appeared in ‘Fire in the Booth’
  • ‘Manz Not Hot’ music video released

Favorite Quote from Michael Dapah

“There have been many different factors during the journey. I had to overcome the obstacles of fear, dissonance, believing in myself as a person and in a gift and believing that it could actually happen, and that’s really what I’m about to do. ” – Michael Dapah (Big Shake)

“At that time, I worked at Vodafone for about two years, part-time. And it came to the stage that I did not like my job, I did not like what I was doing, I always felt that I have more in my heart to do creatively. “ – Michael Dapah (Big Shake)

“So I just kinda went away, came back, started making, making, making. And you know, thank God we’re here today, and we’ve got more to come.” – Michael Dapah (Big Shake)

Michael Dapah Motivational Video


Michael Dapah is a viral sensation of 2017 and has taken the internet by storm. Where will he go from here? We can’t believe it!

As of 2021, Michael Dapah has total assets of $ 1 million.

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