Michael B Jordan’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is Michael B. Jordan’s net worth?

Total Price: $ 25 million
Age: 33
Arising: 9 February, 1987
country of origin USA
Sources of funds: Professional actor
Last Updated: 2021


Michael B. Jordan is an American actor from California.

He is best known for shooting the drama ‘Fruitvale Station’, boxer Adonis Creed in the Rocky sequel film ‘Creed’ and Oscar Grant as the main antagonist Eric Kilmonger in ‘Black Panther’.

As of 2021, Michael B. Jordan has total assets of approximately $ 25 million.

early life

Michael Goat Jordan was born on February 9, 1987 in California. His father, Michael A. Jordan was a caterer, while her mother, Donna Davis Jordan, worked as a career counselor in high school and was also an artist.

He has two siblings, elder sister Jamila and younger brother Khalid. He spent the first two years of his life in Santa Ana and then moved his family to New Jersey, New Jersey.

The business

Jordan demonstrated that he excelled as an actor when he played the lead role of Oscar Grant in the biopic ‘Fruitvale Station’.

There was a boom in both print and electronic media to increase Michael’s performance at Fruitvale Station, which earned him 11 nominations and five awards.

In 2015, he starred in the superhit film, ‘Fantastic Four’, adapted from a well-known Marvel Comics book. The film exploded at the box office. But, he made a comeback with the film ‘Creed’, in which he played the role of Adonis Creed.

He is also shooting for a fictional dystopian telefilm, ‘Fahrenheit 451’, based on the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, in which he plays the main character ‘Guy Montague’.

He has been selected to star in a biographical film called ‘Just Mercy’, where he will play the role of Brian Stevenson. The shooting of the biopic will begin in early 2018.

By 2021, Michael B. Jordan has total assets of $ 25 million.


Some of the best highlights of Michael B. Jordan’s career are:

  • Fantastic Four (Movie, 2015)
  • Creed (Movie, 2015)
  • Black Panther (movie, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from Michael B. Jordan

“Sometimes you’re sweeping, you convince yourself to get out of it and you’re like, ‘Ah, I should do that!’ You can’t live life with regrets. Sometimes you can just indulge. But in the same breath, you also have self-control and self-control. “ -Michael B. Jordan

“I think everyone starts in the mailroom! It’s a rite. Your boss has to throw something at you and you have to order for at least two years.” – Michael B. Jordan

“Sometimes the family is not always made up of their relatives or by blood. Sometimes your best friends may feel more like family than your cousins. I think everyone has the same feeling. When You go through an accident together, when you go through a traumatic event, sometimes it brings you closer. “ – Michael B. Jordan

“I think redemption is just about correcting a wrong, and in that quest, it’s about trying. You might stumble, you can make mistakes, but it is about trying to do the right thing. Is about. “ – Michael B. Jordan

3 great lessons from Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan Success Lesson

Now that you know all about Michael B. Jordan’s net worth, and how he achieved success; Let us take a look at some lessons from which we can learn:

1. Do not be afraid to fall in love

It can hurt you a few times, but it’s like winning the lottery: you may have to lose a lot before you win, but you’ll never win if you don’t play.

2. Learn to love yourself first

The most important relationship you will ever have with yourself. If it is not healthy, you will be none other.

3. There is a different path to everyone’s happiness. Follow you with passion

Apart from money, aside from cars, or homes, or clothing or watches – there is the importance of being truly happy in life. There is no alternative. There is no authority that can fill the hole where it is. And wandering from the path you walk, there is no search.


Michael B. Jordan is a popular American actor, known for notable performances in films such as ‘Fruitvale Station’, ‘Hardball’ and ‘Creed’.

By 2021, Michael B. Jordan has total assets of $ 35 million.

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