Mesut Ozil’s Net Worth (Updated 2021)

What is the total assets of Mesut Ozil?

Total Price: $ 120 million
Age: 32
Arising: October 15, 1988
country of origin: Germany
Sources of funds: professional soccer player
Last Updated: 2021


Mesut Ozil is a German professional footballer who plays for Premier League club Arsenal.

Ozil began his senior career in the Bundesliga as a member of his hometown club Schalke 04, leaving Vader Bremen to join him € 5 million two seasons later.

By 2021, Mesut Ozil’s total assets are estimated to be around $ 120 million.

early life

Mesut Ozil was born on 15 October 1988 in Jelsenkirchen, Germany.

As a youngster, he initially played for a few local clubs, and later moved to the Essen-based DFB football club, Rot-Weiss-Essen, which he represented for 5 years.

The business

Ozil created it in the year 2005 for the Youth Academy of Schalke 04. He wore FC Schalke 04 jersey number 17 and played as an attacking midfielder.

The German Football Association club, Wired Bremen, which is based in the northwestern German state of Bremen, agreed to pay Mesut the fees he had asked for. He signed a contract to play for 3 years with the club.

In 2010, Mesut Ozil moved from Vader Bremen to Real Madrid, a massive transfer fee estimated to be about € 15 million. He started for Real Madrid against Hercules which was won by his team.

At the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Mesut Ozil played a key role in Germany’s World Cup victory. Germany eventually won the match 1–0. Mesut scored his first goal in the 2015–16 season against Manchester United, with Arsenal winning 3–0.

His 3 seasons with Arsenal came close with 20 assists and 8 goals which earned him the award for being the ‘Arsenal Player of the Season’.

As of 2021, Mesut Ozil has total assets of $ 120 million.


Here are some of the best highlights of Mesut Ozil’s career:

  • UEFA Team of the Year: 2012, 2013
  • Laureus Media Award: 2014
  • Best German Abroad (Kicker Magazine): 2016

Favorite Quote from Mesut Ozil

“I don’t listen to these people – I only listen to my coach and my people who say things directly to my face.” So, if I play poorly, I know that as I know, when I play well. – Mesut Ozil

“I always have motivation, especially before the games – I want to win all the games and I hate losing, even in training I’m p **** d and aggressive because I always want to win . “ -Mesut Ozil

“Of course, we need time to fully understand everything but it’s going well – he’s a very good coach and as a player, you can talk to him and he listens to everything that is easy for us makes.” – Mesut Ozil

“I said the main thing is to get more than we have achieved in the last few years and I think we have the ability to win something with the team. Hopefully at the end of the season we will win some trophies. ” – Mesut Ozil

“We are fourth in the table so we know we can achieve more and I need to show my ability on the pitch to help the team but I think it has been going well so far, especially With the round. “ – Mesut Ozil

3 life lessons from Mesut Ozil

Now that you know about the total wealth of Mesut Ozil, and how he achieved success; Let us look at some of the best lessons to be learned from them:

1. Do not be afraid of making mistakes

Use “failure” as a fuel to create an infinitely greater success – a lesson we can learn from everyone.

2. Dream big

It sounds cliche, but it is important that we always make sure that we have more dreams than memories.

To try to get up every morning without a goal would be to make for a bleak, worldly life. We only get one shot in life, and it does little to sadden.

3. Honesty is the key

As adults, we learn the tact. We learn to be more careful with the feelings of others rather than just blurring things out, but it is important that we be honest and do so.

As adults, we often become very careful, afraid of offending an individual or group, and therefore water our thoughts or even create lies in their place. A painful truth is better than a lie.


Mesut Ozil is a famous German footballer who shot to fame when he was selected to be nominated for the ‘Golden Ball Award’ at the FIFA World Cup 2010.

He plays as a midfielder known for his aggressive playing style, and many football players and coaches have seen him in the colors of legendary French football player Zinedine Zidan.

As of 2021, Mesut Ozil has total assets of approximately $ 120 million.

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