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Meaning Behind Popular Valentine’s Day Flowers

Ever wondered why we offer flowers on Valentine’s Day? And what do these flowers mean? The flowers have a long and rich symbolic significance. In Victorian times, specific flowers were given to send specific messages. This tradition continues, even today, we use flowers to express our feelings and emotions. But this gesture of bringing someone a bouquet becomes more beautiful when you choose a flower that has a specific meaning. The rose stands for eternal love, but there are many other flowers you can say about how you feel about the person. Since Valentine is just a few days away, everyone knows about the various flowers on Valentine’s Day and they symbolize expressing all you want to say.

Red rose

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These iconic flowers need no introduction. Anyone in love has given a rose to their beloved once in their life. They symbolize pure love, romance, beauty and perfection and are also known as lover’s roses.


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Tulips are very beautiful and are another popular flower. They symbolize perfect love and are ideal for Valentine. A red tulip makes for a romantic bouquet, a pink tulip symbolizes care and happiness, and yellow tulips reflect happy thoughts.


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Primrose are beautiful flowers that symbolize eternal love and devotion. Giving primrose will say that you cannot live without your partner, so it is right to gift your partner.


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Chrysanthemum is available in many colors and represents optimism and happiness. They are perfect for promises from your beloved. Giving white one means true or sincere love and red means love and passion, so they are ideal for your female love.


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Gardenia are very beautiful flowers which are full of fragrance. The flowers symbolize purity, bliss and secret love. Gardenia means deep and old-fashioned love. A man who gifts gardenia to his beloved prospect has a long history with it because they are expensive and have single blooms. You can also give these to your crush and declare your love for them.

Gerbera Disease

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Gerbera Daisies are perfect for being sent to your girlfriend or boyfriend because they symbolize beauty, innocence and purity. These are ideal for a couple who are in a new relationship.


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Also known as the Peruvian lily, Alastromeria signifies a strong bond of love and friendship with your partner.


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These gorgeous flowers are rare flowers and represent rare and delicate beauty. Other importance is love, luxury, power. Giving orchids means that you admire the femininity and beauty of your partner. Pink orchids, in particular, mean pure affection and cattle orchids represent mature charm.


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Popular as buttercups, these curly flowers are stunning and look delicate. They are a symbol of enchantment, charm and charm. Let your valentine know that you are dazzled by them.

Casa Blanca Lily

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This beautiful flower is a symbol of aesthetic style and class. Giving Lily to your significant other means that you know your partner inside and out and admire everyone they are.

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