Meaning Behind Popular Mother’s Day Flowers

Flowers are kaleidoscopes of colors and patterns of beauty. Since the Victorian era, our beautiful blooms have been used to express feelings and emotions. And, what better time than Mother’s Day to make good use of these beauties? Mothers are our refuge and feel that every day of their lives loves us. Surprising your mother with vibrant flamboyance is the perfect way to spoil her. So, brace yourself, get to know Flower is the meaning behind the popular Mother’s Day And choose the one that expresses all your hidden feelings!


Roses come in an array of colors and each one stands for something meaningful. Red rose is a symbol of deep love, white rose represents purity, yellow is a symbol of caring nature and deep pink is appreciation. You can give your mother a mixture of all the roses and let the love flow!


Lily is the Chinese symbol of motherhood. With Lily’s herd, you can tell your mother that the bond you share is pure and nothing can ever change it!


Pink carnations represent the unwavering love of a mother. According to one legend, the pink carnations are Mother Mary’s tears for Jesus. Therefore, carnations have great importance as mother flowers.


These cool flowers are synonymous with beauty, elegance and strength. Your sweetest mother is the most beautiful and strong woman. To thank her for everything, orchids are the most suitable flowers.


Happiness and happiness are expressed by destroying the tulips. If you share a comfortable and joyful bond with your mom, tulips are the perfect pick.

Gerbera Disease

Gerbera Daisies are all jovial and like your mother. So, get a bunch and make D-Day extremely memorable for him.

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