Top 10 Magisk Modules in 2019

Magisk Modules has made its name as one of the best-in-class tool for rooting purposes which depend upon the modifying the /system partition.

Magisk Modules works on the principle of building on a mask over the existing /system partition. This enables mods to be performed while maintaining system stability and safety.

Such an adaptable idea has led to several developers porting their app concepts in the form of modules for Magisk.

The market currently stocks some interesting Magisk modules as stated below:

1. Xposed Framework

This is very popular with users these days and has been around for quite some time as well.

Magisk Modules works by building a framework around the Android OS enabling the implementation of several Android mods.

Users wondering how to install Magisk modules need not worry. All one has to do is download the Material Design Xposed Framework according to system version and install it.

In addition to this, one will also need Xposed’s app in order to utilize the framework. The app can be used to install and manage various mods

2. App Systemizer

The mentioned module can be utilized to turn third party installed apps into system apps. This can be done without a system through the use of Magisk.

A few select launchers can convert to systems apps automatically, whereas a few others utilize what is known as an AppSystemizer companion.

It is used to convert a host of other apps into system apps as needed by the user. It is important to remember however those system apps can’t be uninstalled, but only disabled.

3. Emoji One

Once again falling into the league of the best Magisk Modules available, Emoji One sets the bar for being the global standard for emojis.

The brand new Emoji 3.0 contains newly designed emojis.In essence this app basically converts the Google Emojis into Emoji one

4. Viper4Android or AM3D Zirene

This is one of the best modules in terms of features and modern music mods available of Android.

It allows for users to change every minute detail in terms of the device’s audio capabilities giving back complete control to the user.

It allows one to customize device audio performance including the device’s Bluetooth capabilities, its headsets or even the dock.

This app works on improving the overall volume of the device along with better distinction between bass and treble- all thanks to the innovative XHiFi and ViPER Clarity technologies.

The interface is User-Friendly but users stand a chance of getting confused by several options available therein.

5. Android Mic Fix

Tampering with the build.prop file has been found to cause loss in the mic quality of the respective device. That is where Android Mic steps in to resolve said issues.

The approach this module uses is to implement the resetprop tool to change the build.prop file as needed, thereby fixing the problem.

6. Tethering Enabler

Inter-device data transfer while desirable, is not provided by most OEMs for reasons specific to their proprietary manufacturing guidelines.

This is more prevalent in the USA. The Tethering Enabler solves this problem by allowing the consumer to use Wi-Fi Tethering as well as USB sharing.

7. Dolby Atmos

Seen in every theatre across the globe, this revolutionary module requires no introduction. The only difference here is the device it is used in- the mobile phone.

Dolby Atmos Magisk mods port the Dolby capabilities to the smartphone of today seamlessly and without feature loss as well.

The overall sound quality of the device is boosted using this module.

Being exclusive to Lenovo ROM’s now face porting to every mobile device imaginable using the module stated above.

System less transfer of the apps features is possible using this module.

One can easily customize and personalize music quality along with the quality of audio for movies, games, voice apps and more.

Audiophiles have a host of options to choose from, making this a highly popular module.

8. Audio Modification Library

As we have already discussed several sound modes ranging from the famous Dolby Atmos to the Viper4Android there be be a query regarding choosing the best one.

Anyone has to  do is look up the Audio Modification Library to get the best features from all the modules meshed into a single module.

Users are offered the choice of customizing the sound module to their liking as their needs dictate at the moment.

Magisk Module overcomes the particularly persistent limitation of not being able to install multiple audio mods without causing any compatibility issues.

9. ART Optimization

Android Runtime or ART is the new virtual machine brought about by the Lollipop OS f Android.

The distinct feature of ART allows for ahead-of-time compilation into the native code which works markedly better than Dalvik got app compiling.

This also includes the dex2oat tool for app optimization upon deployment.

This app works by configuring ART optimization to perform tasks at accelerated speeds based on the profile that is selected by the user which dramatically cuts down on screen time needed for app optimization

10. CrossBreeder Lite Edition

This is an amazing group of mods that is utilized to change system performance along with conserving battery life.

It has recently been known to work with Magisk where it has been said to work exceptionally well.

People can use it to minimize lag, enhance entropy levels and even squeeze out better performance levels out of your devices and even basically speed up your mobile devices.

Conclusion about Magisk Modules

All the Magisk Modules mentioned above are the best of the best in the current market.

But the first step in choosing the right module involves analyzing your current mobile app needs and zeroing in on the module that best fulfills it.

That being said, you can do no wrong as a prospective user of these modules since these are on the top of their game. Although some of the modules sound familiar, it is best to stick to what suits your needs best, to make a final call.