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Love Vaccine- the Whats & the Hows

‘Love Vaccine – The cure for all love stories is here.’

We are launching the much anticipated Valentine campaign for 2021- ‘Love Vaccine’. It is for those sweethearts who are caught by Cupid’s arrow and who face the infallible decisions of society. We will expose all kinds of love stories in the chains of society. If you’re ready for Valentine’s Day filled with love shots, great gifts, beautiful flowers, and are eager to find out what a love vaccine is, keep reading! To understand Whats & Hows, scroll down immediately!

Whatsapp of love vaccine

Whatsapp of love vaccine

Do not judge love – when there is love, it is just love! Love never comes with decisions, rules, or boundaries. Celebrating love in all forms, we bring forth untold love stories that were rejected by society but talked about unconditional love. Meet on a dating app? Got your true love on Tinder? Plan your love marriage through a marriage portal? – Confess it without any hiccups! Be proud of your love story and do not hide behind the mask of shame / society. We celebrate every love story with equal enthusiasm and love commentary. so what are you waiting for? Take a shot of us Love the vaccine, and draw Valentine’s Day 2021 It is said that all about the beautiful thing Love

The hows of love vaccine

The hows of love vaccine

To inject the upcoming Valentine’s week with a rich dose of love, we have curated the spread of romantic gifts, beautiful flowers, delicious cakes that convey a message of love that has no hindrance and is free from all kinds of decisions . So, explore our exclusive love gift collection and celebrate each day of Valentine’s week as before!

Cupid has played his part, and now, it’s time for you to bring Valentine’s Day to life with us and add our food. Love the vaccine For your imperfect ideal life!


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