Limousine Car Price in India


A limousine car price in India varies a lot. To start with, a limousine (also referred to as limo in short) is usually a luxury and feature loaded sedan. The wheelbase of the vehicle is lengthened to liberate more passenger space and also to include gadgets and features like a LCD, fridge, sofa seats, and entertainment system etc. A limousine is always driven by an experienced driver or a chauffeur. Due to all these additions, the limousine car price in India is on the higher side and in some cases, the modifications can cost as much as the price of the donor vehicle itself.

India doesn’t have any international limousine name operating from here yet. The manufacturers don’t offer a limousine variant either and hence the only option is to go through the locally based modifiers who just about manage to the job right. However, the limousine car price in India is high and not always justified with what you get in return.

Names like PCB or Parikh Coach Builders and Jhajj’z do come to mind, however, the overall quality and performance leaves a lot to be desired. The limousine car price in India depends on the vehicle you opt for. Some of the most famous cars on which the modification is done are Honda Accord, Mahindra Scorpio, Hindustan Ambassador, Ford Endeavour, Toyota Camry etc. If you look at the limousine car price in India, then obviously the Ambassador will be the cheapest one.


Limousine car price in India depends on the vehicle. A basic Ambassador for example can be bought for Rs 5 lakh and the modifications done. You can own a limousine for as low as a couple of lakh but the features and comfort will be missing. Likewise, the limousine car price in India for the Ford Endeavour will be around Rs 30 lakh as the donor vehicle itself costs Rs 20 lakh. Customization can be done as per the individual’s taste – from sofa seats to full entertainment system including Surround Sound and LCD – it all depends on what you want!

Rental charges and tariff

This is a new business in India and very popular up in north – Punjab for example. People love renting out limousine which is cheaper than paying for a new limousine car price in India. Rental and hiring charges and tariff depends on the car you opt for.

For example, usually, a Ford Endeavour Limousine can be hard for around Rs 15000 for 8 hours / 80km. This also includes a professional driver and a well-stocked mini-bar in the vehicle.

People opt for this option for occasions like marriages, functions, parties. Rental is practical than shelling out money for new limousine car price in India.

High end limousine cars

The options don’t end at just the Accords and the Camry options for limousines in India. If you pocket allows for high end limousine car price in India, then the sky is the limit. You can get the modifications done on a high end car like Audi, BMW, Mercedes but remember, this will void your warranty too. The best option to absorb the high end limousine car price in India impact is to buy a second hand car (save on the depreciation) and then get the conversion done!

It is safe to say that the limousine car price in India can vary from as low as Rs 7-8 lakh to a crore!