Know The Meaning Behind Its Number of Stalks

Lucky bamboo is one of the plants that require less maintenance which is one of the major reasons behind its popularity as an indoor plant. Another interesting fact about this plant lies in its ability to change lives. Yes, keeping this plant at home and office brings good luck and prosperity in every sphere of life. But you must know the hidden meaning behind the number of stalks in a lucky bamboo plant to get better results. Therefore, read the hidden meaning of the number of stalks and bring more prosperity in your life.

1 stalk

1 lucky bamboo stalk

Lucky bamboo with a stalk represents truth or commitment. This number 1 is associated with things that are easy and simple. Although presenting 1 stalk of bamboo is not so popular, but if you want the truth to prevail, then you have to bring this 1 stalk of bamboo in your place.

2 stalks

2 stalks of lucky bamboo

2 is a lucky number according to Chinese beliefs. They say that all the good things in life come in pairs. This 2 stalk of lucky bamboo is usually presented as a wedding gift for lovers or for newly-married couples. Therefore, from a broader view, 2 represents love.

3 stalks

3 stalks lucky bamboo

The main belief is that 3 represents happiness. A bamboo plant with 3 stalks wishes for a new beginning. So, if you are looking for a Happy New Year gift birthday, then you can compromise for this 3 stalk arrangement of bamboo plant.

5 stalks

5 stalks lucky bamboo

There are five elements of nature – air, water, earth, fire and wood. Every other department of happiness, prosperity, health, wealth and life will be born when all these five things are by consensus with each other. Hence the 5 stalks of lucky bamboo represent balance, peace, harmony and power. If you want to be a successful person in life, then you should have a 5-stalk bamboo plant in your home and office. Because it will help you achieve all your goals with positive energy.

6 stalks

6 stalk lucky bamboo

Number 6 is a symbol of blessing according to Chinese or Feng Shui beliefs. Therefore, to attract more happiness in life, success in business or business venture, and harmony at home, a 6-stalk bamboo plant will play an important role.

7 stalks

7 stalks lucky bamboo

7 is always considered a lucky number. A rainbow has 7 colors and 7 days a week! Placement of 7 bamboo stalks can bring more love and romance in your relationship. 7 stalks indicate solidarity. Therefore, if you want to succeed in a joint venture or a group project, you have to bring a 7 stalk lucky bamboo plant.

8 stalks

8 stalks lucky bamboo

The number 8 signifies great wealth and happiness in Asian and Cantonese culture respectively. Indeed, the notion in China is so intact that most business magnets want to include 8 in their addresses, telephone numbers, building floors, and even business names. You can get rich prosperity, wealth and enjoyment of life by bringing 8 stalks of lucky bamboo plant.

9 stalks

9 stalks lucky bamboo

This number 9 is called “God’s number” according to Indian numerological beliefs. To bring good fortune to every area of ​​your life, a 9-stalked lucky bamboo can play an important role.

Other significant number of stalks and their meanings are as follows:

  • 21 stalks: It represents harmony and success in the department of health, wealth, happiness, relationships, prosperity, and luck.
  • 88 stalks: The 88 stalks of bamboo symbolize the doubling of happiness.
  • 99 stalks: It represents a “prolonged doubling” in relationships.
  • 289 stalks: You can easily achieve luck or good luck by bringing 289 stalks.
  • 888 stalks: If you want to become “three times richer”, bring these 888 stalks of bamboo.

Which number is left out?

Number 4 signifies death and an evil omen according to Chinese beliefs. Many tall buildings often omit this number from a sequence of numbers. Actually, a bamboo plant with 4 stalks is harmful for success in life and hence you will not find any bamboo plant with 4 stalks in it.

What do the stylish Lucky Babu plants indicate?

There are many other artistic and stylish lucky bamboo plants in the market and do not think that they are just for home decoration purpose. They also have some hidden meanings.

  • Lucky Banbu Towers: For a bright future, a tower at the Lucky Banbu plant would be great. Therefore, if you want to brighten your upcoming life, then you should bring a bamboo tower home.
  • Lucky bamboo braid: You must have seen the hanging sculpture arrangement of bamboo plants? Double braided bamboo cans will bring good news for you and will also attract new growth in your business ventures.
  • Lucky Babu’s Knitted Trellis: This helps to eliminate the flow of a negative energy.

It is true that there is no shortcut to hard work. But if you see that your hard work is not recognized or not appreciated enough, then something is wrong. Okay, then, a proper balance of positive energies is what you need. Keeping the lucky bamboo plant at home and office will only make you look prosperous and bring many positive thoughts to mind.

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