Know More about Aries Zodiac

Aries is born between March 20 and April 19. The symbol of this zodiac is Rama and the element is Agni. Mars is ruled by Aries and the lucky colors are red and white. Relative to the fire sign, Aries is the lord of the zodiac – courageous, impenetrable, passionate and likely to act before he thinks.

There are many such interesting things to know about this zodiac sign. Read below to know them better.

# Generated for leadership

Generated for leadership

They have to become great leaders because they are the first sign of the zodiac. Leadership comes naturally to him. They simply know how to take charge.


khatron k khiladi

Aries people are quite fearless and lose their confidence when in danger. You can say that when the dirt hits them tightly, they do not run away. They deal with any kind of danger- Maja flour is unknown!



You will never find a fiery rebel like your Aries friend. They are strongly independent in approach and do not like to be told: “what to do”.



When you have an Ariane friend, you can be sure that he will be loyal to you until his last breath. They will never back down – no matter what the situation.



Aries people are born with a strong voice and ensure that their opinions are counted well. They are never afraid of obstacles coming in the way while making a sound. You simply cannot suppress their vocal nature.


The warrior

Arians are one hell of a contestant. They never give up without a good fight. Thus, if you ever think of fighting with any Aries person, remember that the game will not be easy at all.



Always restless and excited – when they have something on their mind, they just have to complete it and they hardly sleep or rest until it is over. Therefore, you do not dare an Aries man or woman to wait anywhere else they will just move on.

#Your hearty


The people of Aries are extremely generous and considerate. For their friends, family and close relatives, they are always ready to go out of their way and make them happy.



They can turn into the most boring ho-hum together into a fun and memorable one. When you are with an Aries sign, you are definitely going to have fun.


stay positive

They hardly survive life. Aries know that they cannot replace anything with mourning and worry. Therefore, they focus on their goals and objectives and play with a positive mind.

# Bahuhard

hard work

Aries knows that there is no loss in success other than sheer hard work. He has full faith in his talent and works very hard to achieve his ambitions.



Extremely courageous – Never think of the fear of Aries when they have to come to some conclusion or find a new path.

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