Free iOS Emulator for Mac, Window and Android Devices

There has been a growing demand for IOS emulators for windows, android or even mac. You can test an application designed for an IPhone/IPad on your system with Windows/Android with the use of an IOS emulator. Let us go through some of the most in-demand IOS emulators in the market.

ios emulator for mac

IOS emulator for mac has lesser variations than for android but still there are some good IOS emulators in the market. Here is one of them. provides you with the simplest way to test your IOS application. All you have to do is upload the application to the software and then it can be streamlined to any of your devices with any OS. Though the software is not available for free, but you can easily test it with a 7-day free trial.

iphone emulator windows

One of the most popular and easy-to-use Windows emulator is Smartface. It helps to build and test IOS apps across platforms. It comes with a full debugging option to increase flexibility in your programming and have various plugins to support Smartface apps.

iphone emulator online

Emulators are required to test whether if an app works for an IOS, it should be portable to other devices too. There are many online emulators available in the market.


Transmog.Ne is a free online emulator that helps you to test your app or website from your laptop. It tests websites in different sizes and shows you how the site looks on a bigger screen. It has debugging options through Firebug and Chromebug. You can also test a touchscreen interface through it.

iOS emulator for pc free download

There is growing demand of IOS emulators for your PC and as the demand grows so does the supply. There are various IOS emulators available in the market absolutely free of cost. Some of them are Smartface, MobiOne studio, iPadian, etc.

iOS emulator for android

Android and IOS are top competitors in smartphone market. To be able to use both is a dream. So if you have an android smartphone but still want to use IPhone apps, the best way is to download one of these IOS emulators – Cider APK, iEMU APK etc. Then launch these on your smartphone and easily use the IOS apps.

iOS emulator reddit

iOS emulators on reddit have a ongoing discussion about the feasibility and the actual practicality of using an iOS emulator, does it provide the same performance as an actual device and if not what can be done to improve that.

Free iOS emulator

Freelance developers who want to test their apps on different devices now don’t need to buy all of these devices. They can simply download an IOS emulator from a wide choice of free IOS emulators available in the market and build and test their product.

Smartface ios emulator

Smartface is a new-gen IOS and android emulator for windows. You can easily develop and test any application designed for an android or an IOS device. You just have to download the Smartface app from play store, connect your IPhone to your system and just with a click you can emulate a virtual IOS environment.