International Nurses Day

international nurses day : International Nurses Day is celebrated annually on 12 May. The day holds significance as it celebrates the birth of a woman who was known as the founding philosopher of modern nursing. Yes, that woman is Florence Nightingale who was born on the same day in 1820.

international nurses day

international nurses day
international nurses day


International Nurses Day started in 1974, where it was organized by the International Nurses Council with the aim of educating people about the huge role they are playing in the health care sector.

History is a proud witness of the exemplary services that nurses are rendering in fighting pandemics and pandemics. They are equally at the center stage for putting forth their brave front without compromising on their own health aspect. They play an important role as they constitute half of the world’s health workers. However, given the immense need for medical facilities, the need for more nurses has certainly become a priority where about 5.9 million nurses are urgently needed.

Nurses are the real firefighters who are on their toes to fight the menace of outbreaks otherwise the consequences have certainly been disastrous.

There has been a greater need for the following:-

  • The importance of the day also emphasizes the need for nurses to have constant access to personal protective equipment that can be put to better use to reduce infections by increasing the level of care in the process.
  • There is also a need to give financial assistance to the nurses so that they can fight hard against various outbreaks
  • The way nurses have played a vital role in becoming a true legend in the fight against the pandemic, it has also become imperative that they are adequately insured apart from timely pay, sick leave etc.

how to celebrate nurses day

This day is essential for you to take a moment and appreciate the contribution that nurses are making to the society. Your little gesture means a lot because you don’t need to do fancy things or spend a lot of money to show your respect to them. An unfortunate thing is that many people overlook even the most ‘clear’, ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ aspect of “thank you” nurses. They are equally human beings who expect your kind gesture.

If you have a happy memory of where the nurses took care of you, then this is the day to show your respect and gratitude towards them. You can go to the hospital with a box of chocolates and present it to them. After all, this small act will mean a lot. Similarly there are other ways where patients who have now recovered from the disease can thank the selfless service that the nurses are providing them by ordering a cake or pizza as it will mean a lot to them.

It’s true that you can forget the act, but they certainly won’t. So create a healthier and smiling world for healthcare workers who are the ‘real’ reason for smiles on many faces.

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