International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

International day to end obstetric fistula : International Day to End Obstetric Fistula 23. is celebratedthird To sensitize and support the suffering women and girls. It is important not to give deaf ears to any injury or related disease. Obstetric fistula is a dangerous childbirth injury that cannot be ignored or ignored. Affected women may face dire consequences as it is fatal for the unborn children. However, one pleasant aspect relates to the fact that one can treat it and mostly it is preventable.

International day to end obstetric fistula

International day to end obstetric fistula
International day to end obstetric fistula

What exactly is an obstetric fistula?

This needs to be followed in time as there is a hole in the birth canal due to prolonged and protracted labour, failure of which can result in infertility, infections as well as diseases.

In addition, it also leads to an unhygienic stage where women may leak feces and urine which brings discord in the marriage as a result of which her husband leaves her with his community and she may also become unemployed. The world literally turns upside down for him where he is forced to live a life of isolation and misery. In this process the victim woman goes through depression. The sad part is that many people are forced to go through the same condition for decades because they do not have enough financial means to get treatment.

The shocking aspect is that more than 50,000 new cases are reported every year. This presents a staggering challenge where the healthcare system is certainly not equipped to meet the demands of women.

Hence, the day is observed to sensitize, empower and raise awareness while taking immediate remedial measures to end obstetric fistula.

Poor countries are bearing a great brunt of the problems that arise mainly due to unplanned pregnancy or early child marriage as such cases find themselves very vulnerable.


A motivating fact has been the campaign called ‘Campaign to End Fistula’, which UNFPA has launched with the aim of preventing, treating and rehabilitating victims in over 55 countries.

The preventive measures are proper family planning, helping in best reproductive health care, meeting the need by employing skilled and experienced birth attendants and making rehabilitation efforts. These suggestions will drastically reduce cases while ‘reconstructive surgery’ is needed to treat injured women. UNFPA has played a pivotal role with over 120,000 surgical repairs.

Target has been set to eliminate obstetric fistula by 2030

The goal is to eliminate the problem of obstetric fistula by 2030, thanks to the collective efforts around the world as well as the massive sensitization process.

how to follow the day

The international community celebrates this day by playing a decisive role in making preventive measures important and meaningful. They have to strengthen their actions to create a more rigorous and sustainable approach, especially when it comes to ‘following’ the conditions of women after their surgery.

As a vision has been created, it is time to rethink that no women from marginalized communities are left untouched or ignored. After all, a family can be healthy only when a woman is free from injuries or diseases.

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