International Day of the African Child

International Day of African Children: The International Day of African Hair is observed on 16 June.


Education matters to everyone. The student protesters had no option but to change the quality of education. Unfortunately, the government resorted to unethical methods to disperse the crowd. This is exactly what happened to ten thousand black students in Soweto, South Africa, who on 16 June 1976 protested the low level of education they were getting. His main objection in the march was to raise his voice against the Black Education Act as it discriminated against people on the basis of race.

International Day of African Children

International Day of African Children
International Day of African Children

This resulted in the deaths of hundreds of innocent students and the ensuing protests that took place over two weeks, in which over a hundred students lost their lives while thousands were badly injured. Therefore, since 1991, International African Children’s Day has been celebrated in South Africa to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the Soweto uprising.


The day also holds significance in recognizing the sacrifices of the brave students that they have made to ensure their right to quality education. It also raises awareness about the extent of quality education needed to give African children a better future. Till date, there has been a constant and constant importance of creating a positive and conducive landscape for the improvement and growth of quality education. An unfortunate figure of the approximately 57 million primary school-age children who do not have the proper means to attend school worldwide, sadly more than half live in sub-Saharan Africa.

because of poor education

Education helps children to stand on their own feet as it empowers them to make decisions. However, the reasons for keeping children away from school may be due to lack of affordability or the nearest school is too far away or girls get married early.

The African Committee gives due importance to the International Day of African Children as it promotes the rights of children as well as their well-being.

The International Day of African Children equally helps us to remember the financial hardships that children have experienced as it has adversely affected access to quality education.

Even in the current scenario, millions of children in Africa do not have proper education and apart from world leaders, every privileged member of society is equally responsible.

how can one celebrate the day

Through organizing educational programs and seminars one can make others aware about the importance and relevance of the day. The day focuses on the immense struggles that the students have made to get a better education and this is possible only because of their extreme and uninterrupted motivation.

People around the world also use social media to share their thoughts where they use the hashtag #educationforAfrica.

Even Kofi Aan has highlighted the need for the youth to be at the forefront as it ensures development and peace. On the other hand, if they are sidelined, the society as a whole becomes impoverished. Therefore, he calls upon the youth to participate collectively in the life of the society.

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