International Day of Light

international day of light : International Day of Light is observed and celebrated globally on 16 May. This day highlights the immense importance of light in the fields of science, art, culture, education etc.

international day of light

international day of light
international day of light


In 1960, a laser operation was successfully performed by Theodor Maiman, an engineer and a physicist, which marked the existence of the day. Based on the importance of light-based technologies, which are playing an important role in a person’s life today, it has certainly become in line with the ideology of how UNESCO is achieving the goals of equality, education and peace. Is.

The day marks an important chapter in the direction of showing the central role of light, science and technology in today’s era. “Laser” has played an important role where science based revolutions can benefit societies in the field of communication, healthcare etc.

There have been a range of objectives that can clearly spell out the role of the International Day of Light.


The day empowers the public with respect to the huge role that light has played with light based technologies where these inventions are directly related to human life. Technology plays a major role towards developing the society as a whole

This emphasizes the need to research light based technology which can create new applications on a global scale. This in turn opens up more opportunities related to careers in the field of science and engineering.


An International Day of Light serves the basic purpose of UNESCO where international cooperation in basic sciences is promoted. In this way, the desired objective of making science, technology and innovation accessible to all can be achieved by focusing primarily on Africa.

International Day of Light works towards raising the profile of science and technology globally in accordance with the United Nations 2030 Agenda, which is set to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The goal is to address the critical needs arising from interdisciplinary science, while creating a consistent and continuous dialogue process between scientists, citizens as well as industry leaders, decision makers as well as NGOs.

The world is increasingly using different technologies and the present era speaks volumes about the extent of progress that regular research and dialogue can possibly bring. Therefore, proper funding as well as continued use of dialogue can bring about a pleasant change in the systematics that will fulfill the agenda set a decade later.

importance of light

It is true that life revolves around light. Since, it provides such a wide and deep knowledge. For example, high broadband speeds have been made possible only because of fiber optics. The use of DVD as well as Blu-ray Disc is now a reality due to the light. Similarly, if we look closely and expand the knowledge base, there are infinite tantras that demonstrate the importance of light. In the healthcare sector, there are a range of different light based technologies that are of paramount importance where optical instruments are used along with instruments for analysis and imaging. Similarly, ultraviolet light is used for sterilization.

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