How To Install Viper4Android on Android 8.0 Oreo Running Devices

Android 8.0 Oreo final released on many devices Like Google Pixel, Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei devices. Users who installed Android 8.0 Oreo and rooted the device they can install Viper4Android. We already posted many Viper4Android guides.

Like Viper4Android For Android L, Viper4Android For Android M, Viper4Android For Android N and we will guide you for Android Oreo. So Here the guide How To Install Viper4Android on Android 8.0 Oreo Running Devices. To Install Viper4Android on Android 8.0 you have to need root the device required busybox and TWRP Recovery so let’s go to the guide.

Guide to Install Viper4Android on Android 8.0 Oreo Quickly

Benefits of Viper4Android:- Viper4Android will help you to optimize your device audio to give you maximum sound experience. There are many Audio Mod available for Android devices Like Dolby Atmos, Beats Audio, Sony Audio, Huawei DTS and many others. Viper4Android on of the best Audio Mod app for Android you can add all the sound mod by convolver and VIPER-DDC function and you can fully customize the Audio of your phones. The Viper4Android developed by Euphy Wong Founder and Developer of ViPER’s Audio.

Tested Devices with Viper4Android-

  • Android 8.0.0 Oreo,
  • OnePlus 3/3T
  • OnePlus 5/5T
  • Pixel/XL
  • Pixel 2
  • 2XL

Some Samsung Oreo running devices.

Requirements for Viper4Android

  • Unlocked Bootloader.
  • TWRP Custom Recovery.
  • Rooted Devices.
  • BusyBox
  • Set SELinux to Permissive With SELinux Switch App.
  • Free Space In System.

Guide To Install Viper4Android on Android 8.0:-

1: – Read Requirements.

2: – Install BusyBox app on your phone.

Open Busy Box And Install In Both /system/xbin/ & /system/bin/


3: – Install SELinux Switch App and Set SELinux to Permissive.

SELinux Switch App

4: – Download “” and “ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A7.x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk” Copy it to the phone.

5: – Turn off your phone and turn it into recovery mode.

6: – Go to Install navigate to the “” swipe to install.

7: – Back Wipe Cache and Reboot the device.

8: – Download File Explorer Root Browser or Solid Explorer and Go To “/system/vendor/etc. Look for a file named audio_config.conf or audio_effects.conf and rename it to audio_effects.conf.bak Delete audio_effects folder if you found.

File Explorer Root Browser

9: – Go To /system/priv-app Delete the Viper4android folder Reboot the device.

10: – Install ViPER4Android_FX_v2505_A7.x_Nougat_IO_test_fix.apk.

11: – Open ViPER4Android Give full permission to ViPER4Android and Install the ViPER4Android Driver.

12: – Reboot and Open ViPER4Android App.

Now Config ViPER4Android Enjoy.

Guide To use Viper4Android:-

Here are My Config And Profile To Get Boom Boom Sound 😀

  • Download Unzip and Copy Viper4Android Folder To Internal Storage Root.
  • Open Viper4Android and first turn on Master Power.


Now again open the Viper4Android app then click 3-dot Menu and go to Load effect profile then click saved file.

Yep!!! Now you enjoy Viper4Android on Android 8.0 Oreo Running Devices.