Inflatable Pool Floats Lounger Chair for Adults and Kids

Inflatable pool floats lounger chair for adults and children

Inflatable pool floats lounger chair for adults and children

Inflatable Pool Floats Lounger Chair For Adults And Kids – 2020 Pool Floats Floating Lounge Chair For Adults And Kids Water Hammock Rough Swimming Ring Pool Toy, Lightweight Single Layer Nylon Fabric No Pump Required, 3 Second Air Filling

Inflatable Pool Floats Lounger Chair For Adults And Kids, Expanding Size 55 Flo x32 L, Fold Size Only 11.8 11 x 8 2 x2.4 L, Mesh Size 30 17 x17 L, Weight 1.2 Pounds. It can be easily folded and placed in a carry-on bag that can be carried anytime, anywhere. Durable, waterproof, easy to clean, tear resistant, lightweight and easy to travel. Available for 5-6 hours, so you may have enough time to play on water.

About Inflatable pool floats lounger chair for adults and children: –

  • US Patent Exclusive Design – Pool Floating Bed is a new product in 2020. The ergonomic design can support the body evenly and comfortably. The inflatable spare air tank to make your head more comfortable, and the mesh in the middle can wrap your body and is not easy to roll over. Which provides excellent support and super comfort for your neck and back. You can put your floating bed on the water, bask in the sun, enjoy and relax.
  • No pump required, easy to swell- run upright against the wind up to 8 feet to hold or stand the air and lift 1-3 times to catch the wind (do not inflate in circles. In-place rotation from the air. Cannot be filled). Then quickly close the pocket and roll it down as tightly as possible. Tighten the safety buckle until it is rolled. No pump required, no need to blow through your mouth. Note: There is a safety tab on the buckle that you will need to push to uncheck.
  • Made of high quality nylon material, non-plastic – the strongest 210T single-layer nylon material, it is soft, durable, light, no peculiar smell. No skin damage, no water seeping, widely used in parachute products, high protection, and it is made of modular clothing. And adopts sophisticated double stitching techniques. Notice: Nylon material has characteristics of heat expansion. And cold contraction, so it will look more full and fuller in the sun.
  • Safety and Stability – This pool floating bed can weigh up to 400 pounds. Provides stability in overall support or in heavy waves. This swim bed can use not only for swimming pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, seas or bays, but also for surfing. Perfect for adults and children. Note: Cannot be used for super strong waves.