Increase Sales With These Promotional Materials Examples

No matter how big or small your company, constant promotion is important. For new businesses, it is clearly meant to introduce your products or services. But for established enterprises, the purpose of a promotion is to maintain and grow their loyal pool of customers. This is why there is a constant demand for promotional material.

Speaking of which, you may be thinking of ideas as to what equipment you should use next. But don’t worry because we have a list for you here. We are on a quest to find the right promotional material that can help catapult your business. See now

1. Reusable Face Mask

Let’s start with something relevant today. In 2020, the epidemic spread to the world, and new health protocols were implemented. One of these is to wear a face mask whenever we go out. While many disposables are available, imagine that we will produce extra waste.

But by giving your face reusable face masks Logo, You are killing two birds with one stone – make that three birds.

First of all, you are encouraging good health practices. Second, you are saving the planet. And third, you are aggressively promoting your brand because the people who use it are naturally outside their homes.

2. Grocery tricks

Another great promotional item that you can market is reusable grocery bags. You can also be available in different sizes.

Most of us, when we go grocery shopping, we often request a grocery bag or plastic. But again, it is not helping our environment. One of the best solutions is to bring your own stylish and reusable environmentally friendly grocery bags. These are inexpensive, and you can simply print your company details.

3. trick fit shirt

Instead of a normal cotton shirt, why don’t you take out a dry-fit one and take it up a notch? If you notice, many people are now turning to a healthy lifestyle. As much as possible, they try to workout or exercise regularly. Giving them something that they can use to sweat, is always a great idea.

4. Beverage

One of the most sought-after promotional materials are glasses or bottles of water. its Environmentally friendly, Economical, and healthy. And that’s why giving these products is a big hit for any company. You can also offer insulated mugs. Or for more luxurious brands, a glass of wine should do the trick.

5. Notepad

While most of us are used to taking digital notes, many are still fond of Writing Things on traditional paper or notepad. And according to studies, by doing this you can remember things better. Saying that, you can include notepad in your list of promotional material. It works for students or for those who are already working in the office.

If you want to personalize it more, give your magazine to your customers or potential investors – with your logo, of course.

6. Drawstring Bag

Drawstring bags are always a big hit, especially for those with an active lifestyle. They can simply bring it wherever they want and store some of their essentials. If you are in the field of health such as offering sports wear, supplements or gym membership, then it can be beneficial for you.

7. Safety’s touch-free multi-tool

Remember the day where people want to carry their Swiss Army knives?

Well, times have changed a bit, and many opt for a security key touch-free multi-device. The epidemic has required us to be more vigilant about the things we touch. And having this small device is a great helper to avoid placing doors or common surfaces.

8. Blue Light Reduction Glasses

Online classes and work from home – most of us are already sticking to our gadgets. This makes sense if you give your market something they can use while studying or working.

Blue light reduction glasses are one of the best things out there. You are protecting their eye health, and at the same time promoting your brand. This is a win-win situation.

9. Stress Balls

Let’s accept it. With things going on around the world, many of us are already stressed. So how about giving your market stress balls? It is inexpensive, and everyone can enjoy it from children to adults.


In general, think about the items that most people use frequently – even every day if possible. If you are only going to hand over travelers or brochures, it will eventually end up in a trash bin. Just think about what waste you are consuming.

If you want to put your logo or branding on these promotional materials, make sure that it is adequate and of high quality. In this way, people can quickly recognize that it is yours. The advice we recommend is to work with Professional graphic designer. They know which resolution and specifications are right for different types of promotional material.

Hopefully, the ideas above will help you decide which promotional material is best for your brand.

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