How to Water your Plants Correctly

Are you stumped on how to water your plants properly? Confusion about when and how to water plants is common among all plant parents. That’s why we decided to bring you the right tips. Here is a list of tips that will keep your plants super happy and hydrated!

get the right pot

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A container with drainage holes is essential for all plants. Never place a plant in a planter that does not have holes in the bottom.

Consider the type of plant and season

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Each plant has a different requirement, and it’s a little hard to understand. Stick to the thumb rule of watering it when the top soil is dry. Read about your plant thoroughly and then water it. Seasons play an important role, and indoor plants require less water in winters and monsoons.

Don’t water the leaves, water the roots

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Always water the roots, and don’t waste water by spraying it all over the plant. You can sprinkle a little water on the leaves once a week to clean them but keep watering where the roots are!

learn the art of well watering

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Pick the plant, keep watering until the drops start coming out of the drainage hole. Just follow the basic rule and get ready to see your plant flourish!

get rid of excess water

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Excess water in the soil can lead to root rot and death of the plant. Therefore, water it well and wait for the soil to absorb the water and drain the excess out of the hole. Drain the excess water from the excess water you placed under the plant plate.

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