How to Take Care of Plants during the Monsoon

Khushi is entering the monsoons and savoring ‘chai’ and ‘pakodas’ on her balcony. But, what else is missing? Don’t you love being surrounded by plants while you make the most of the view and the pleasant weather? We know you love rain and so do your potted plants. The plants are very happy in this season as they thrive in low temperature and humid weather. Are you all set to watch your babies bloom and grow? If yes, then you should check out our suggestions Take care of plants during monsoon season!

check their dishes

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Plants require less water during monsoon. Always check the soil of the plant and see if it is dry. When the soil becomes dry, add some water. Also, check the drainage holes in the pot and make sure the water seeps in properly.

keep track of time

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Never water your plants in the afternoon as they may not absorb it due to lack of sunlight.

keep bugs at bay

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Plants are prone to insect infestation during this season. Check the soil for infection every week.

provide proper sunlight

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When it’s raining, be sure to give your kids enough sunlight.

cover your plants

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Always keep your plants covered so that strong raindrops can’t do any damage to the leaves or the plant.

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