How to Root Android 6.0 {Marshmallow} Without PC in 2019

Are you struggling to Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS Without PC? We have created a simple guide to Root Android Marshmallow Without PC on your mobile easily. lets go 🙂

What Does Rooting an Android Device Mean?

It is a common misconception that rooting is mistaken for hacking more often than not. To root an Android Device is to remove the limitations and constraints that limit the performance of a device with respect to a few specific tasks.

This is similar to going into the BIOS server of a computer and changing the default settings in the computer in that mode. Techies often use it to “overclock” their computers, meaning the computer is allowed to compute at faster speeds at the cost of system cooling which is ignored.

You can do this with an Android Phone as well. This form of unleashing the Android phone’s unfettered functionality is also known as superuser access.

Even though the method to root an Android Device is simple and easy to implement, it has to be done with care. If the steps given below are not followed adequately, there may be a small chance of the phone crashing its OS.

Most users will choose to root android 6.0 with PC, but most others will want to know how to root any android 6.0 marshmallow devices without PC.

Root Android 6.0

Guide to Root Android 6.0 {Marshmallow} Without PC in 2017

In the age of single click app-operability, it is a pretty straightforward process to root an Android device without a PC or computer.

Beginners who are wondering whether it will be tough for them to execute the task of rooting need not fear. Just follow these simple steps and you can have a rooted device in no time!

  • Follow this path on your phone – Settings/Security Settings/ Developer options/ USB debugging/ enable it.
  • Download one of the rooting apps that have been mentioned in this article and install the app. If you are shown warnings then you will either have to ignore it or click OK to enable installation.
  • Each rooting app will have a dedicated button to root the said Android Device, Click that button
  • Now, wait until the process is completed to reboot your device automatically. In the case it does not automatically reboot, it should be manually rebooted.
  • The Android Device is now rooted!

The Best Rooting Apps to Root Android without PC in a single click

It is a well-known fact that rooted Android phones can be exponentially more powerful than if the device was unrooted.

Given below are some of the best rooting apps available in the market for Android Devices. Most apps making the grand claim of rooting your Android device with a single click do not often live up to such a promise.

In reality these apps don’t function as intended at all, or in worse case scenarios will infect your computer with malware.

Here the apps which have officially been tried and tested by various users across the  globe:

  1. CF Auto Root

This app is perfect for beginners who have little to no knowledge of mobile OS. CF auto root makes it absolutely easy to root one’s phone for the very first time. The simple and convenient nature of the rooting process offered by this app is appreciated by users across the globe.

You will have to find a reliable online source to download the latest version of the CF Auto root app. Users will have to select their particular device from a list that is available. Post this you will have to select the file and click the “Big Root” button.

You will then have to reboot the device for the rooting to take effect.


This app is highly efficient and really easy to use

This is also fast at rooting, saving a lot of time

It is a completely free app


The chances of finding a fake download file for this software app is slightly more than its competitors

( the lack of cons make this a great app!)

  1. Framaroot

This is another great app that one can use for the purpose of easy single-click rooting of Android Devices. Even though the app itself looks simple, it still is a powerful tool to be used for Android devices for the purposes rooting. This is the app that users are looking to as a replacement for the Kingroot app, since it is that good.


  • Great degree of simplicity with a lot off power packed into the app
  • The app supports a wide range of devices
  • Root access can be gained by just a few taps on the phone/tablet
  • Unroot feature which is inbuilt
  • Completely free for all devices
  • No ads reported by the users.


  • No backwards compatibility and works only on devices using Android 4.0 and above/higher
  • A steady internet connection is needed just like Kingroot for gaining root access.
  • Devices released off-late, or the latest ones are not supported.

How to Root Android Using Framaroot APK

  • Locate the download file online and install the latest version of Framaroot APK.
  • Once downloaded open the app and select the install SuperSu option.
  • Choose the Aragorn or Boromir exploit
  • You will now be able to see that your device is rooted successfully
  • Reboot the device manually.
  • Your device is now rooted
  1. Kingoroot

This is also a very popular app for most users to make use of to root apps for Android devices.  This is the best rooting app according to speed alone. Kingroot and KingoRoot are different even though they are almost homonyms. Both apps have been created by different companies.


  • Simply the fastest app used to root every Android in a single step.
  • Completely free of charge
  • Roots almost all Android devices,
  • Even supports the latest Nougat OS.
  • Great for beginners since it is fast and easy to use
  • Very few chances of the device crashing


  • This also needs an internet connection
  • Faces the constant epidemic of ads

How to Root Android Using Kingoroot Apk

  • Locate the download file online
  • Install the Kingoroot APK
  • Open the said app and tap on “No Root” button
  • Wait until the process is completed.
  • You should now be able to see “successfully rooted” message
  • Reboot the phone for the rooting to take effect

How To Check Android Phone Is Rooted Or Not?

Users who need to find out if their Android Phone is rooted or not  can follow this set of steps to find out if it is:

  • Locate the download file for the Root Checker APK
  • Install the said APK
  • Open the said app and tap on “verify Root” button
  • Wait until the analysis is done
  • If it displays a message “Congratulation, Root access installed on the phone” this means the device is rooted


In the end it comes down to which app suits you best. The variables to consider for choosing the right app are the version of the Android OS on the target device. The speed of the app can also be taken into consideration for selecting the app.

In the end you should take adequate precaution to see that the download file for the APK is genuine and does not have any malware. After this, you can root the Android Device as necessary.