How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

What is Public Speaking?

Have you seen people on stage flapping their heads or stammering or playing with their hands? This happens to many people when speaking in front of an audience.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

Trust me, I’ve been there too. I was so scared of going on stage that I stopped participating in various activities in elementary school.

What if I say the wrong word, will people judge me?

What if my speech is not good?

What if they ask me a question and I can’t answer it?

What if I stutter?

Many such questions used to come in my mind and I always ran away from this fear.

How to overcome fear of public speaking?

It took me a lot of time and effort to get over it. Even today when I go on stage, my senses fly away. Trust me on this it will get better and better if you try.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

According to Wikipedia, speech anxiety is also called glossophobia. Now many people may say that if you can avoid it then why do you need to improve it. OK, do it. There is no problem. How long will you survive this? How long will you keep the things you want to do?

I have always seen people who are able to speak confidently in front of an audience. Its either you don’t plan to be successful or famous or you want to lose that success on something you can pursue.

How to Overcome Stage Fear of Public Speaking

If you want to overcome fear just follow these steps and follow them. Here I am sharing some proven ways to overcome stage fright.

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10 ways to overcome your fear of public speaking

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

1. View to the Audience:

The first thing I need to do is analyze my audience. Know what kind of people you will perform in front of. They can be your senior or a group of young people like you or as old as you. The main thing here is that you need to prepare yourself to talk to them.

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

I talk casually to my friend but with my superiors I need to be formal. Just like that, you need to see how you are interacting with the audience.

If you speak formally to young people, they may not listen to you. Honestly, I wouldn’t. Why would I listen to someone who is so formal with me? Why not talk to the person who suits me? You need to recognize the difference and act accordingly.

2. Prepare Yourself:

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance.” James Baker

Tell me one thing will you pass the exam without preparation? Of course, you can cheat (which is dangerous), but that is secondary. If you’re speaking in front of an audience, would you like it if it all went in vain? You need to interact with your audience, not just speak things that people are not interested in hearing. For that conversation, you need to have a good knowledge of your topic. You should be confident while speaking. Even if you are wrong, just be confident and connect with the audience to make an impact. Rehearse before the big talk. If you are speaking in a place where you have limited time, plan the things you will say and always have a backup in case you finish early.

3. Training:

“Practice makes a man perfect.” Vince Lombardi

So you need to keep practicing. Never dare to go out and speak without practice. You know why? What do you say when you don’t know something?

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

Write your speech or script on a piece of paper. Reading it several times will not only help you remember the words but will also help you understand the context better. I have a tip for you that if you take that piece of paper while giving your speech and we say you forgot something and you want to look at the paper, look in such a way that no one sees you. If you get caught reading, you lose a lot of people’s interest.

4. Overcome the Fear of Rejection:

What’s the worst that could happen to you when speaking in front of an audience? Could they laugh at you? Can they judge you? Now I want you to throw these types of thoughts in the dustbin. Let them be, you at least have the courage to go up and speak. Know the difference between one who is speaking and one who is listening. There is a reason why you are speaking and you have an audience to communicate with.

If looking at an audience makes you nervous, face it. If you don’t make eye contact, you won’t connect with the audience.

5. Record your voice and listen to it:

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

Aren’t you curious how you sound when speaking? I am I always record my voice while I practice for my presentation. It not only helps me rectify my blemishes but also gives me the confidence I need for that day. If you stammer or are afraid of pronunciation, the best way is to record your voice and listen. You will know what needs to be changed.

6. Be Real:

Pretending to be someone else that you are not. How long do you think you can keep this mask on? Lies don’t last long and neither do liars. I think you can interact well with your audience if you are yourself. Even when talking about real life experiences, don’t exaggerate. be realistic.

7. Practice Speech in front of someone:

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

The first time I gave a presentation in class it was a disaster. When I talked to my friend about this, he suggested that I should try speaking in front of someone. It could be your parents or siblings or friends or even a dog. If you can find someone you know in the audience, that changes everything. If you have that one person, then focus your attention on it. Since you get to know them, there will be less fear and you will be able to maintain eye contact with the audience.

8. Take Public Speaking Classes:

If you have tried everything and still are not able to overcome the fear, you can always take the help of a professional. These days you can find various public speaking classes or you can even take an online session. These people are there to train you to overcome fear. So if you want, take their help.

9. Avoid talking too fast

Whenever I am worried about speech, I talk very fast. It’s like I have a train to catch. Talking too fast makes you breathe less. If you breathe less, you are bound to have an anxiety attack like me. So to avoid this kind of situation, practice first and try to take small breaks in between. For example, if you are going to start a new topic, then take a break of 2-5 seconds in between.

10. Facing Failures:

How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

I remember during my first presentation my teacher made a negative comment in the middle. At that time that one comment ruined my entire presentation because the only thing on my mind was that I lost. Even my feet started trembling. It was a disaster but I learned one thing from it. Had I ignored that comment or taken it in a positive way, things would have been different. Since then, if someone makes a negative comment, the first thing I think about is whether that thing is helpful to me in any way. Then I answer (politely).

In the end, all I want to say is that you will improve if you keep speaking at more events. The more you speak, the more likely you are to drive your fear away.

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Public speaking is now the biggest factor when you hone your personal skills and the biggest challenge everyone faces is the “fear of public speaking”. But I hope that today you have learned some such methods and methods that you can try to overcome the fear of public speaking.

I hope you enjoyed reading and gained some knowledge.

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How to Overcome Fear of Public Speaking  success ground

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