How to Overcome Failure and Use It as Motivation

Pulling yourself together after a failed project, job, or any kind of experience can prove challenging. It can force you to stay in bed all day Office For 200Th Time. But as good as the day seems, it is not the best way to handle failure. It is wrong to believe that you will get through life without making mistakes. Failure does not define anyone; This is how they manage that failure and get themselves out of the mess that really reflects someone’s character.

Understand what went wrong

Before you are ready to move forward and learn from your mistakes, you need to understand exactly what caused the errors. An essential part of this process is checking your ego at the door, and thoroughly analyzing the situation from an external point of view. Be honest with yourself and leave no wiggle room to make excuses.

Have you tried your hardest legally? Did you use all the resources at your disposal? Can you confidently tell yourself that the results reflect your work ethic? These are questions that should be focused on. If you cannot understand the faults of your work, you will never be able to improve your flow.

“Unless you live so carefully that it is impossible to live without failing at something, you probably won’t live at all, in which case you failed by default.” – JK Rowling

Move on with some help from your friends

Despite popular belief (or personal experience), friends are not one to laugh at your lousy decisions. Friends can give you an accurate estimate of comedy relief and real-world advice. Most importantly, they will tell you what you are need Instead of listening to what you are Want to to listen to.

I know many people who like to try and handle failures on their own. For some people it can work, but it is never bad to get an out-of-the-box approach from people you trust. Even when you are driving, you rely on those mirrors to check your blind spots. Let your friends be your mirrors to check the blind spots of your ambitions. A righteous filter for your coffee.

Like you have done for them a million times; When you find yourself trapped in a hole of dishonesty, your friends will be more than happy to help you. Your friends will help you if you let them go …

Receive constructive feedback positively

Hearing harsh criticism about your work can be unfounded, and also disappointing. But what good is it if you get annoyed by the advice then a strong support network should be there? Coming out of failure is not just about having friends who are happy with you, it is also about taking responsibility and it is about yourself being a failure in the first place.

Even if your project has not failed, you should always be open to constructive criticism. You should constantly strive to improve yourself, and sometimes that means rolling with pores. It’s not easy and takes a little mental practice but trust me dude, it’s worth it in the end.

Never be afraid to ask for honest feedback. It is very easy to wrap your head around a personal effort that we see through rose-colored glasses. People will be ready to help you, but must be ready to help you.

Keep dribbling the ball

What happens when you quit basketball? Well it bounces back up. But each time he bounces, he gets down and down until he sits on the ground. But if you keep dribbling the ball, it will keep coming back. Hell, depending on how hard you bounce it, it can go even higher.

I say you need to keep dribbling. You should keep bouncing that ball so that it can come back, because if you don’t do that, don’t just stop, and don’t sit there and do nothing. Even if you do not yet know how you will solve the failed task, keep going! Go for a run, clean your apartment, organize your workspace. Do anything, anything that will be productive in any way. The only thing worse than failure is intentionally destroying your speed.

Keep the gears on and continue pumping those juices into your noggin. Remember that movie with Fish? “Just keep swimming just keep swimming”, yes it is.

“When we allow ourselves to fail, we, at the same time, allow ourselves to excel.” – Eloise Ristad

Failure … yes it’s happening

I know that every motivational speaker and their mother has said this before, but you cannot be afraid to fail. It is exaggerated but holds merit. If you ask me, failure doesn’t mean failed (Just stay with me for a second), it means that you were brave enough to try something new and take a leap.

Failure is unfortunately part of the process. This is how you get better at things. You want to know what the real failure is? So afraid of it that you refuse to get out of your comfort zone. You need to accept that it will happen, and not just once. Stay consistent in your mindset and keep trampling until you get results.

Do you think Tony Hawk came out of the womb doing kickflips and pop shuvits? Not at all But after hundreds of knee scratches and joint jams, he became a master. I’m going to leave you with a quote that actually speaks to me: “The master has failed more often than the apprentice.” Be persistent, work hard and trust yourself.