How To Engage Your Community Via Facebook Groups

how to organize your facebook group

Facebook Groups is a marketing strategy that everyone underestimates when they are trying to think of ways to generate leads and engagement. However, while most people use Facebook groups simply to get referral traffic, this is not necessarily the best way to leverage the power of these groups.

Instead, promoting and managing them properly gives you the potential to generate many direct leads or sales. All you need is a high engagement rate to encourage people to discuss, share and respond to you in order to generate interest. The following Facebook group tips can help you do just that for free.

1. Make Engagement Easier

To facilitate engagement; You can start a thread and ask your group members to introduce themselves. This is a great way to make your members feel comfortable and start a new conversation. When people start introducing themselves, they can feel valued. They may start treating the whole group as one online family because it is much easier for them to join in future posts.

If you have the time, you can even send personal messages to members to keep them engaged and involved. All you have to do is click on the name of the person you want to interact with and go to their profile. Once you’re there, you can click on the “Messages” button in the top right.

2. Everyone is welcome new

You can start building a relationship with your members from day one by welcoming them face to face. The connection can help members feel comfortable and involved enough to share their thoughts with the group. If a member has joined in the last seven days, he or she is new, and you can see the new members on the Group Discussion view. There’s also a clickable link that shows all your new members. You can click the Compose Post button below it to create a customized message for each new member.

3. Beautify Your Space

Most of the social media users prefer pleasing visuals and aesthetics. Dress up your users’ niche by getting the right Facebook cover photo template that best suits your niche and your brand.

You can also post photo quotes to increase engagement. Nowadays, impressive quotes in neutral backgrounds get heavy engagement from platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. They also translate well in Facebook. Be sure to choose quotes that your users will feel connected to.

4. Post surveys, quizzes, and polls

how to engage in your facebook group

A survey, poll, or quiz can get your members talking, and engagement will begin when you ask users directly for their input. Posting one of these items allows members of your group to share their thoughts or opinions, interact with you, and interact with each other. A poll can help identify hot trends in your niche, and an occasional survey or quiz can help steer your campaign in the right direction. You can also add a prize to motivate your group members to participate in your quiz.

5. Ask lots of questions

Posting some direct questions in your group is a good way to kickstart the conversation. You should think of your question as a call to action that convinces people to join the conversation as soon as they see it. You can consider the following questions:

  • closed A closed question is one where people can give a simple yes or no answer.
  • debate oriented – Debate-oriented questions allow users to share answers for or against a question. If people become passionate about the topic, you may have to monitor them more.
  • Mango – Not much effort is required to answer the common questions. It is a very easy and simple way for people to join the conversation.
  • open ended – An open-ended question is one where you cannot answer with a simple yes or no because it is the opinion of the person you are behind. Each member can answer separately without any wrong answer.
  • image based – Sharing a question with an attached image can help people understand the question more easily and give an informed answer.

6. Schedule Post

You’ll notice that as your group grows, there are some times during the day when it’s a lot more lively than others. If it’s a local group, you may see more conversations during the morning or afternoon hours. You want to take advantage of this by posting when the most people are active. If you’re not there, you can schedule posts for these times. Generally speaking, you want to avoid posting on weekends and before eight in the morning and at night. You’ll click Groups in the left menu before clicking the clock symbol and choosing to schedule your post. You can choose the date and time you want before you hit the schedule. Your post will go live at this time and no further input will be taken from you.

7. Give Feedback, Comment, and Like

join your facebook group

You have to work to connect with your community and not expect them to do it all for you. Therefore, you should make it a point for individual users in the group to like, comment, give feedback, or do all three things multiple times a day. Doing so can help you connect with more people and make them feel confident that you can see and hear what they are contributing to the conversation. As a result, they are more likely to engage.

ground level

These seven quick Facebook group tips can help you connect and grow with a vibrant audience centered around your products, services or brand. Once you’ve created a group and start adding local people, make it a point to reach out and invite them to join the conversation and stay connected with you. Doing so will help increase your reach and probably help you drive more sales.

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