How to Celebrate Teej Festival at Home

Teej is an Indian festival and this festival is celebrated by women. On this day they pray to Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati for blessings in their married life. This Teej festival falls in the month of Shravan and Bhadra month. These months fall in the monsoon season. The festival of Teej also has many rituals and traditions. On this day women observe fast for the whole day and worship for the health and long life of their husbands. Each family and community has its own importance and rituals, so women worship accordingly. So this year celebrate the festival of Teej with India Gift. We are taking some gorgeous gifts for mom, gifts for in-laws, gifts for daughter-in-law and gifts for daughter. All the gifting categories are available online. You can visit our online store and buy/send gifts online. We also provide same day delivery and midnight delivery. So order your gift and send best wishes and blessings.

Main Customs and Rituals of Teej Festival

Every festival has its own rituals and customs and these rituals and costumes give more color and importance to our celebrations because these rituals and customs are made by our elders and they have some importance in our life. If one wants the blessings of a happy and healthy married life then every ritual and custom should be done very seriously and carefully.

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The first ritual of this festival is Shrinjhara. The chain is a box given to the daughter-in-law by her in-laws. These items in this chainring box include Ghevar, traditional dress, mehndi or henna and bangles. And on the day of Teej all the women use these items to get ready for the festival. On the day of Teej, women go to their parents’ house and celebrate this festival. While returning to her husband’s house, and brings some gifts for her in-laws.

Baya Tee is another ritual of the festival. Baya is a traditional box that a mother gives to her daughter on her first Teej. This is a custom. The items included in the Baya are salty fried snacks (mathri), dry fruits, clothes, bangles and jewelry. It is given only to women on the day of their first Teej festival.

Teej Vrat is very important customer of Teej festival and should be done very seriously. Every woman observes a fast for her husband and prays to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati for the long and healthy life of her husband. The fast of Teej lasts for 24 hours. In this fast, the woman neither eats nor drinks anything.

Women light diyas on the night of Teej and take care of the diyas for the whole night. If the lamp of the lamp is burning, then it will be an inauspicious sign. Every woman takes care of this lamp all night and applies oil from time to time.

  • Worship of Goddess Parvati

Hariyali Teej: Do these 5 things to please Goddess Parvati  Newstrack English 1

On the day of Teej, every woman prepares an idol of Goddess Parvati and adorns the idol with beautiful ornaments and colorful clothes. They also pray to Goddess Parvati for marital harmony and prosperous happy life.

Teej Special Gifting Ideas!

On the day of Teej, every woman takes a swing and decorates the swing with flowers and other beautiful objects. Women swing on these ornamental swings and sing traditional Teej songs.

How is Hariyali Teej celebrated?

On this day, every married woman wears new clothes, especially green clothes, she adorns saris, green bangles, and swings, and takes swings, and sings Teej songs. All the women also apply mehndi on their hands before the day of Teej as mehndi is an important part of the wedding women’s Shingar. After the worship of Teej all married women give gifts to their mother-in-law which is called Sindhara. These new clothes have jewellery, mehndi and ghevar.

Ways to celebrate Teej at home

This lockdown imposed many restrictions on us and many temples across the country were closed, and we cannot do anything. Don’t worry we have to bring some best ways to worship at home in this time of pandemic.

  • Every woman should wake up early in the morning and take a bath.
  • Women should wear new clothes of green and red colours.
  • Clean the worship area of ​​the house.
  • For worship, take new clothes of red color and keep them in the worship area.
  • Bring the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and install them in the worship area and decorate them with colors and ornaments.
  • Now take a small urn and fill it with water and tie it with a holy red thread.
  • Put some turmeric and kumkum on the Kalash.
  • Place coconut on top of the Kalash.
  • Now light a lamp and do some puja to complete the fast.
  • Honor Lord Shiva and Parvati with sandalwood. Offer some flowers.
  • Now read Hariyali Teej Vrat Katha and follow your customs.
  • Next morning before breaking the fast prepare and offer some bhog to the god and after that make bhog and break your fast.