How to Celebrate Family Day during Lockdown

Yes, we have all seen Sooraj Barjatya’s ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. But no, our families are nothing like this. Wouldn’t you agree? Our families are very simple or perhaps much more complex. And, we agree with Salman Khan’s famous line ‘Har family me problem hoti hai par, wh Khushnaseeb hain jinki Family hoti hai ‘. May 15 is World Family Day, and we’ve prepared a list of ways to do it. Celebrate Family Day during lockdown. Like all days, Family Day is special, and you should hit the lockdown blues without celebrating it. So, scroll through innovative ways!

Virtual party

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Away from family Go on video calls and play games with your family members, and have your favorite meal.

Musician online

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Book an online musician and have him sing hardcore family songs and get ready to sing and enjoy together!

Digital caricature

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Get a digital caricature of your family and surprise them with it on D-Day. Hang it in your living room and sit down, drink some drinks and watch movies!

Order gift

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Make your family members feel special by ordering gifts such as indoor plants, cakes, personalized cushions and more. Make this day memorable by getting each of them a thoughtful gift.

Make a sumptuous meal together

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Take out your apron and start cooking together. You can also get a personal apron or chopping board and cook sumptuous meals for each other.

Play antakshari

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No, don’t let it go out together. Stay safe inside and play Antakshari with your long bam while enjoying a snack. End the day with a delicious cake!

World Family Day is giving us a chance to spend time with our families because we are all in lockdown. Make it special and memorable by following our methods. Celebrate Family Day during lockout.

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