How to Celebrate Bhai dooj in Lockdown?

This pandemic has tarnished the spirit of our festival. We all need to be more alert and careful because we don’t know when the cases of coronavirus will start increasing and we don’t know when it will end but we have to prepare ourselves for everything and we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones. need to. Too. We know that the lockdown restrictions have been eased by the government to heal the dying economy, so we all need to strictly follow the social distancing guidelines to promote everyone’s safety and well being. So we need to stay inside our homes while celebrating Diwali and other festivals. If you celebrate the festival of Bhai Dooj at home then it will be the best option, therefore, here are some tips to celebrate Bhai Dooj in lockdown.

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video calling

This Bhai Dooj thinks and uses technology wisely and differently. Technology has made our life easy and convenient. With technology, you can connect with anyone anytime. With just a few clicks you will be able to connect with your family, siblings. This year, celebrate the festival of Bhai Dooj through video calling, this will be the best gift for them. Video calling not only connects you with your siblings and family but also gives you some personal feelings. During video calling, you will feel as if you are sitting with your brother and applying tika on your brother’s forehead. So you can schedule video call or facetime with your brother and family. Try using a wide screen and use a USB camera. USB cameras are best for this type of occasion and will give you more personal vibes.

order gifts online

Nowadays the market is crowded as the festive season is near and it is not even safe to go out for shopping. So it is better that you stay at home and take rest. Sitting at home you can still celebrate Bhai Dooj by sending gifts online for your brother. There are many online stores available online like IndiaGift and they have huge varieties of Bhai Dooj gifts. You can check out these stores and their varieties. You will find some amazing options from their store. These stores also provide delivery services. So check out these stores and order some online gifts for your brother and sister and give them a wonderful surprise.

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dedicate your day to brother and sister

If you are not able to go out with your siblings to celebrate this occasion, then do not be disappointed, but at home also you can celebrate Bhai Dooj by joining with your brothers and sisters. You can buy some traditional matching dress for yourself and your siblings. Dressed up in these traditional attires on the day of Bhai Dooj, it will give you some homely, festive and traditional feel. Also you can do some traditional work like puja at home with your brother and prepare prasad for god. Do all the traditional things you used to do when you were younger. Also, do some of the things that you did in childhood. This way you will not be hurt and you will celebrate the festival with your siblings. Completely dedicate this day to your siblings while doing their favorite thing like watching their favorite movies, reminiscing your childhood memories, buying Bhai Dooj gifts for your sister, or much more. You can also do some shopping for your siblings.

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home made sweets

The lockdown will not stop us from celebrating Bhai Dooj and also cannot stop our craving for sweets. The lockdown puts us in a lot of restrictions like we are unable to meet our family, we cannot go out, and we cannot go out and buy our favorite sweets. If you cannot find any traditional sweets then you can try some traditional sweets at home. You will find a lot of traditional sweets on YouTube, just try it. Homemade sweets are always special and you will love them. Try one of your sibling’s favorite sweets. If possible, send sweets online to your siblings. If not, send your siblings a chocolate hamper or something sweet like a Ferrero Rocher.

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digital memory album

If your brother or sister is not able to come, then celebrate this year’s Bhai Dooj by looking at some old memories. Memories are something that everyone likes and cherishes. This would be a better way to celebrate Bhai Dooj during this lockdown. Plus, you can send some digital custom albums to your sibling. There are lots of album tools available online. So use this tool and create and send some wonderful memories of your siblings. Celebrate your togetherness this year by sending personalized Bhai Dooj gifts to Bhai Dooj.

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