Home Remedies that will Help with Insomnia

There’s no end to the sleepless nights staring at the ceiling fan and our wandering minds. Insomnia is ruling us and we are desperate to find a cure. related right? The ‘new normal’ amid the pandemic has given rise to insomnia and we are not able to catch it. To help you, we went ahead and came together Home remedies to cure insomnia Get ready, bid farewell to sleepless nights and sleep like a baby!

meditation is the new cure

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Meditation has the power to cure all mental problems. Try it for 3 days and you will get addicted to it. This gives peace to your mind, which leads to a peaceful night’s sleep. You can meditate before sleeping by lying on your bed and freeing all the thoughts from your mind.

Soothing Champi Massage

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get a champ or a massage to relax and release your body stiffness or any pain That Having sleepless nights. Using essential oils and massaging is one of the most effective natural remedies for insomnia!

Keep Indoor Plants in the Bedroom

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One of the best home remedies for insomnia is to welcome indoor plants into your bedroom. Make green babies your new sleeping partner and get ready for a sound sleep. You can bring sleeping plants in your bedroom and say goodbye to insomnia.

sweat, sweat and sweat

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Go for a walk or run briskly in the evening. Physical activity induces sleep as your body becomes tired and needs to replenish itself. Break a sweat and see what changes it brings to your sleeping patterns.

Buy candles with a soothing scent

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Another effective natural treatment for insomnia is using a diffuser or scented candles. Light the candles, switch off your lights and doors and try to sleep while the soothing scent enhances the quality of your sleep.

wash your feet and apply oil

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Your grandmother may have told you to do this. But, did you follow it? No, you didn’t. try it now. Before going to sleep, wash the feet and apply coconut oil or mustard oil on the feet. This will help promote restful sleep!

switch off that phone

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The last thing should be about the thing that will never let you sleep. Switch off your phone and keep it aside. Social media apps won’t let you sleep on time. So, put it away and try to sleep!

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