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There are plenty of opportunities to gift special women in your life that they will love. Christmas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day probably top your gifting list. Gifts for these occasions can be a great way to show him how much he means to you but rarely a surprise because he is expecting a gift. If you really want to surprise him then you should give him a gift when he is not expecting it.

If you are gifting her without any reason then you can have some fun and do it in a creative way. As you probably already know, the way a gift is given can be as important as the gift itself. For example, the packaging of your gift should affect your gift before it opens. Instead of wrapping paper, bows, gift bags or cellophane, why not gift it in a holding pine box with your name engraved on it with a lid. Beautiful, creative gift packaging should be the rule for all your gifts, even if it is a gift without any reason Birthday gift for her.

In addition to creative packaging, you will want to come up with a fun theme, activity or event to gift her. For those of us who are not creative, this can be a challenge. To help keep his creative juices flowing we have listed our ten favorite ways / occasions to gift him something that is sure to surprise him.

10 creative ways to gift it for no reason

  1. Singing telegram
  2. Groundhog day surprise
  3. Girlfriend Weekend Getaway
  4. Pie day
  5. Half birthday
  6. The dead battery
  7. scavenger hunt
  8. 29 February
  9. Yard signs
  10. Wine day

1) singing strings

Singing Telegram |  Great gift

If you are giving a gift to a woman you know is not easy, you can send a singing chord to her office. A quick Google search will take you Telegram companies are singing Whatever fun in your area and can be hired to give your gifts. Let one of his coworkers go ahead of time so that they can record the event on social media, or better yet, go to him by making a good excuse when they show up and you can film it yourself. This is a great way to show her and her co-workers how much you love her.

2) Groundhog Day Surprise

Groundhog Day Gift |

Groundhog Day is on 2 February each year and most of us don’t even remember. Regardless of whether or not the groundhog sees its shadow, we are all tired of winter by February and are looking forward to spring. Why not give him a “Groundhog Day” gift with the crate New swimsuit, Sun glasses, flip flops, sunscreen and other fun items that will excite her for warmer weather.

3) Girlfriend Weekend Getaway

Weekend Getaway |

If you are looking for a fun way to surprise a woman with a little wandering lust, then the girlfriend weekend getaway is the perfect idea. Your creativity is limited only to your budget. You’ll want to coordinate this well in advance with one or more of your girlfriends. You will love it by planning a long weekend trip. Contact her boss and ask for a day or two of work for her, but surprise her to let her know. On the day of the trip when she wakes up to get ready for work or whatever she had planned, she tells him that she needs to pack a bag. Don’t tell her where she is going just give her some clues so she can pack accordingly. Tell her that her boss knows that she is not coming in and a friend of hers picks her up to start the journey. This is one he will remember for a long time.

4) PI Day

Celebrate Pie Day

March 14 (3.14) is pi day and no one expects to receive a gift. You can give him a pie but why not be a bit more creative. Pie is an infinite number that never ends, just like your love. Why don’t you make her beautiful Infinite jewelry gifts It shows how much you love him. This is a gift she would not expect.

5) Half Birthday

Half Birthday Gift |

Do you ever remember that it’s half your birthday? Of course, neither will he. That’s why it’s a great day to surprise her. You can have a lot of fun with this theme. Give him half of the birthday cake, an earring (you can give it to the other one later), a birthday card that ends the middle sentence, a shoe, etc. You can also throw him a surprise birthday party.

6) The Dead Battery

Surprise Jewelry Gifts |

If you want to surprise her with a jewelry gift, this is a fun way. For this, both you and he need to know a little about the battery of the car. What you want to do is disconnect the positive (red) cable from its car battery. When she leaves for her car to start her car and finds that it will not overturn, she will assume the battery is dead and needs to jump. Make sure it has jumper cables available. When she opens the hood, she will see a note on the car’s battery and a jewelry box. The note might read something like “Your battery doesn’t really need a spark but I figured you could use some sparkle.” He would immediately go from a bad day to a great day. Be sure to include instructions to make sure that he has to reconnect the battery cable so that he can get to where he needs to go.

7) Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt |

When was the last time you attended scavenger huntThe This can happen when you were a child. You must have forgotten how much fun they can be, especially when a gift awaits you at the end. This gift requires a little work ahead of time. You will need to come up with five to seven locations for your scavenger hunt. More than this and she can start reducing interest. Small retail establishments are best because employees are often excited to participate. On the day of the hunt you will drop clues at each location and then you will give him your first clue. He must solve each clue that will lead him to a place where he will find his next clue. When selecting locations you want to choose the places that are important to him or both of you. After that she has solved her last clue and she arrives at the destination you will be waiting for her with the gift. This gift is as much about the experience as it is about the gift. You enjoy it as planned. He would like it

8) February 29

Leap day gift |

We are very lucky in 2020 which is a leap year. It comes once every four years so take advantage of it. This “extra” day can turn into a fun way to give a gift. Give her “extra” gifts like:

  • Massage for a long time
  • Hyperbolic dinner
  • Extraordinary necklace

Everything should play on the “extra” theme. This will be a day that he will remember for at least four years.

9) Yard Signs

Yard signs |

There are a lot of yard sign companies out there that will rent you yard signs for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. But what about putting some yard signs for no reason. You can make signs on poster board or make them at a print shop. After you decide what you want to tell them, coordinate with your neighbors and set them to drive from your home to work or any other place. When she pulls into the neighborhood she can start seeing signs and wondering who they are. Set the signs in such a way that as she gets closer to home she realizes that they are there for her. An example to consider is this:

Sign 1 – “I’m sure a lucky person”

Sign 2 – “I have a wonderful wife”

Sign 3 – “I love her so much”

Sign 4 – “He’s a Hottie”

Sign 5 “I won the lottery when I married her (fill in your wedding date)”


He would probably be a bit embarrassed but he would also like it. Show the whole neighborhood how much you love him.

10) Wine Day

Wine Day Gifts |

If you have a wine lover in your life, do not surprise him on National Wine Day. It falls on May 25 in 2020. You can surprise her with your favorite bottle or if you want to make it even more special then get it Personalized wine gifts for women. After you give him a gift, tell him not only that it is “Wine Day”, but it is also “Whin Day”. Tell him that you want to hear everything that is bothering him. She will love that you just want to sit, listen and be with her. After he is done with her “whine” draw him a bath and tell him that you want to relax him and finish his wine.

Best gift for women without any reason

This list is only a beginning. There are countless other fun and creative ways to gift that special woman in your life without any occasion. Know that someone knows her as if you think of the things she likes and just go for it. You do not need to spend a lot on gifts. In this case it is really the idea that matters. She will be happy to know that she loves and that you are thinking about her.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.