Gift Happiness – Best Board Games To Gift Kids And Adults

Gifting can be difficult. Do you confuse yourself every time you go shopping for children? Well, you are not alone. Children can be difficult to understand, and shopping for them is one such task.

However, there is something you cannot go wrong with – the board game! Children of all ages love and enjoy board games.

There is such a wide range of board games to choose from. Mystery games, vocabulary games, strategy games; There is something for everyone. Classics for a reason, am I right?

Best board game for gift to children.

Top 10 Board Games For Gift Kids

Let’s do it right and check out the top 10 board games for kids to gift.

game of life

The game of life is a long and fun board game. It is also excellent for a weekend family game or a sleepover with friends.

The board comes with a unique spinner. Each player moves according to the spinner and makes various decisions along the way. The game of life shows us how there are endless possibilities in life.

Players take their characters on an adventure with real-life options such as careers, weddings, holidays, and children. They can choose to become secret agents; They can choose whether they want to do snorkeling or skiing, and more.

The game of life is very easy to set up and learn. It can be played with the whole family.

Tell who

The Guess Who board game is famous worldwide. It is interactive and pushes your child to use their imagination.

It comes with two game boards and a set of cards. Children will need to think outside the box and challenge each other to solve the mystery. They need to come up with unique questions that can only be answered yes or no.

Based on these questions, the opponent will exhaust the options, making it easier to guess. The first person to guess the character correctly wins the game.

This game is exhilarating and keeps you on the edge of your seat.


Okay, everyone has heard of monopoly. It is a classic game that people of all ages play and love. This real estate game gives children a chance to develop some real life skills.

There are many variants of the game. There are different monopoly boards for different subjects, films etc.

In this game, children must undertake to build, sell and construct to purchase their property. This is a way for them to know the value of budget and savings. They also get to learn when they should spend.

The objective of the game is to buy as many assets as you can and then build a house and hotel on them. When another player arrives at your property, they will have to pay the rent.

To make the game more interesting, there are chances and community chest cards with unexpected costs or earnings.


Children in the operating room? This game makes it possible. Operation is a wonderful game for children to play with their friends, or even just for themselves.

In this game, the children race against the buzzer to treat their patients. The set comes with tweezers and other hospital equipment that mimic the operation theater.

Children have to use these devices in sufficient time to ward off diseases from their dummy patients so that the buzzer can be avoided.

It is a fun game and gives children a little feeling of being a doctor. Since it has many small parts that can increase the risk, it is not for young children. Children over 6 years of age can be given this gift.

Connect 4

This quick and simple game is an incredible choice for children with less attention. It is an exciting strategy based game.

Children need to choose their colors and leave their discs in the grid. You have to get four discs in a row to win.

They can leave their discs on the sides or in the middle. The goal is to keep four in a line. It can also be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. It even has a pop-out feature to extract discs out of the grid.

In Connect 4 Mania, both players are about to leave their discs at the same time. However, they can use only one hand.


Trouble is a game of chance that keeps children busy. It has a built-in-die roller so you don’t have to worry about turning your dice off the board and losing it.

Children need to set up their pegs and hit the pop-o-matic dice roller, and proceed or wait accordingly. The objective is to move your peg across the board and eliminate the space. But, if another player lands with you in the same place, you have to go back and start over.

The first player to get all the pegs in the finish place wins the game. There are also power-up spaces to keep it interesting.

The game is fit for 2 to 4 players.


Manchal is the ideal travel game. It is great for entertainment on holiday.

It is a great game of strategy and skill. It is believed to have originated in ancient Egypt. It can be played either in two teams or between two players.

The board for playing comes with two rows, and each of these has six circular circular spaces with six large circular diagonals at both ends.

Each side is required to take 24 sports garlands and place six of them in their circular positions. Each player has a big place in the house on the right side of the board.

You must collect the maximum number of pearls to win the game.

Chinese Checkers

Chinese Checkers is a fun and easy game that allows up to 6 players at a time. It is a great option for gifting children. Ideally, it is intended for children over 8 years of age.

Chinese checkers is a lot like chess, except that it is more complex. With so many players, it is a very quick game. The focus is on field control and no other player’s pieces are captured.

A player has about 150 to 250 moves that they can make at any point in the game. There are possibilities that make it so exciting.

To scratch

Scrabble is one of the classic games. This is great for children because they can learn a lot from the game. This is the ultimate puzzle game.

You are about to take a turn and form words on the board. Depending on the letters you use, you will be awarded marks.

The premium class is an exciting feature. When you place your letters there, you can double or triple the digits.

Children have to learn to expand their vocabulary and even strategize with this game. It is an excellent game for the whole family and can be played with anyone.

The signal

Clue, too, is a six-player game. This is a murder mystery, and players need to find out who is responsible for the hero’s death.

Children should scrub the mansion rooms, inspect weapons and put on their detective hats.

As soon as the information is received, the game goes ahead and eliminates the suspects. The first person correctly guesses who, what and where wins the game.

It is one of the most popular board games and keeps the players up to the end. The game is loved and enjoyed by people of all age groups.

Benefits of board games for children

Board games are good for more than just entertainment. They can be highly beneficial for the growth of the child.

  1. When played without interruption, a board game can help attract a child’s attention.
  2. For young children, board games can help them learn colors, calculate spaces, develop hand-eye coordination, and many more.
  3. These games are a good way to work on the child’s reading ability.
  4. These games can be helpful for children struggling with anxiety, teaching them how to make friends.
  5. They are a great way to teach children how to work together in teams.
  6. Board games can teach children how to be good losers.
  7. They are a great way to spend some quality time with children, free of gadgets and gizmos.
  8. Not only do these games encourage children to think, but they also help them understand how others think.
  9. Board games encourage healthy competition among children.
  10. For children with special needs who find it difficult to communicate or pay attention, board games can be an incredible source of enjoyment.
  11. These games teach children to follow instruction and give them a sense of order.
  12. Playing board games is also helpful in developing a child’s problem-solving abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to buy a board game for children, you may have some questions. Let us take a look at some of the most common questions that arise.

Question 1: Do adults play board games?

Yes, it is actually very common for adults to engage in board games. They are a great way to pass the time when you are stuck in the house.

Not only do they provide entertainment, they are also a great way to challenge your brain and improve critical thinking. Even though board games are common among children, there is no reason why adults cannot enjoy them. The Hive and Caton are good examples of board games for adults.

Question 2: What is the most complex board game?

Go is an ancient two-player game started by the Zhou Dynasty. It is an abstract strategy board game from China. This is clearly the most challenging game to master.

More than 2500 years old, Go was an essential skill for the Chinese who aspired to become a scholar.

Each player uses black or white “stones” to surround the empty points of intersection on the board. Once you lay a stone, it cannot be moved. You can only use them to surround your opponent’s pieces to take them out of the game.

The game comes to a conclusion when there can be no more possible moves and any more areas that cannot be seized. Players get a point for each free space in their own territory, and they again win one point for each prisoner they capture from their opponent.

The most challenging part is that it is played on a 19 × 19 grid, leaving endless possibilities for moves and structures. The Professional Go game can last up to two days.

Question 3: Are board games better than video games?

Video games are very good. You can connect and play with people from all over the world. They are very entertaining and interactive. However, they have serious health effects.

Playing video games for a long time can hurt your eyes and even your posture. It has also been observed that people playing video games may experience anger or extreme anger at times.

A lot of video games available today are incredibly violent. It is also common to include inappropriate gestures and language in video games.

While video games are fun and drowning, board games are great for children, and they aid in health and social development. They also allow for better bonding between family and friends.

final thoughts

You really can’t go wrong with gifting board game. They are so versatile that they fit every occasion. You can give them for birthdays, or for festivals. Children are sure to love you for these gifts.

Additionally, they are a great way for families to spend time together. They also keep a child mentally active.

The board game is undoubtedly very entertaining for a child, along with the use of learning. Next time you know what to get your cousin for her birthday or what gift to give to your nephew for Christmas, you know where to look.