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GIFT-FEED: Stay Fit & Fresh At Home

Hola chicos and chicas, make sure you’re missing your favorite gym or studio for a while? Even though now we are spending more time indoors (As part of the new normal), Baking, planting, FaceTimeing with loved ones and watching our fav show on Netflix is ​​one thing we can do: Workout.

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Yes, I am talking about a feel good working sash in your bedroom or living room. Or even in your garden or backyard. You might be thinking, “Oh! I don’t know where to start” or “I don’t even have a home gym,” but seriously ~ don’t sweat ~ it: all you need is activewear, basic equipment, and yoga. , Some places for strength training and other activities. Wherever there is a will

There are some items available in the gift-feed below, so you can turn your home into a workable place.


Of course, let us start our protein intake. you are worthy protein shake made for you! There are literally hundreds of men’s protein shakes on the market, and they are loaded with sugar, calories, and other ingredients that do nothing for you. Ideallen French Vanilla Protein Powder contains just 90 delicious smooth calories and 20 grams of whey protein isolate, so you can fuel your body properly!

Giftfeed |  Workout gear

Organo Keto Spread with Cocoa

Sweet tooth approved, sweetened with organic stevia and organic erythritol. Spread this organic keto hazelnut spread with cocoa in your breakfast waffles, fruit, pretzels, add brownie mix, lattes, ice cream, or better yet, spoon into your mouth! Keto Hazelnut Spread with a creamy texture and consistency that will keep you coming back for more. Smooth, rich, chocolatey and creamy flavor enhanced with sunflower oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter.

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Yoga Guide for Everyday

this Yoga guide The initial stages feature complete step-by-step illustrated instructions and over 50 yoga postures for all levels of experience and flexibility. In Yoga Fan, the pose is divided into seven sections corresponding to the seven chakras. Each asana includes instruction on proper breathing and is followed by tips on safety, form and alignment. There is also a vocabulary of yoga, lessons on meditation and basic anatomy for yoga.

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Fitness gym towel

Now this towel would be perfect if you were really taking a trip to the gym or the beach. But we will still experience them all and when we do, we want to keep our eye on our belongings, if no one will see your things in the water, it is hard to take a quick dip in the water. Still, some things are necessary – such as your phone and car keys – and it’s hard to leave those hanging on the towel without getting sand between cracks. This premium sports / fitness / gym towel is here to ease all those worries. It is perfect for you and everyone.

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Possible Paper Soap Sheet

You can never be very careful, especially during these unprecedented times. These paper soap sheets are for your everyday use. Portable and disposable, you can take it anywhere. You should always be ready to disinfect your or your children’s hands. With this mini portable being disposable Travel soap paper sheets You will always be safe in your purse. Made from natural premium quality biodegradable environmental ingredients, pure natural plant extracts are safe, with no side effects.

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Smart water bottle

This smart water bottle has bright shining reminders that will help you meet your daily hydration goals. A sensor inside the bottle tracks your water intake each time you take a sip and transfers information to our free hydration app via a Bluetooth connection. The app carefully calculates how much hydration you need and, thanks to its integration with most fitness trackers, adjusts your daily activity level to your daily water goals.

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Combined Shiny Bot

You must already have a smart water bottle, this is a must have! – Every tea drinker should own one of these insulated glass water bottles. Its quality will meet all expectations. Insulated Glass Water Bottle A beautiful design in itself, is light, strong and it is gorgeous. Make sure you are all ready for the compliment girl. The insulated glass water bottle is approximately 1 cm thick. Fat is great for two things. Being strong and insulation. If you are a weird clumsy at times, you will be grateful how durable this insulated glass water bottle is. And because it is well insulated, it will keep your drink warm for a very long time.

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You are welcome

You cannot be alone that you do not have the freedom to have your workout songs in full volume. But this is 2020, we all have a solution for almost everything (Not yet, except COVID-19). In a truly flooded market of wireless earbuds, it is really hard to stand out. You have to bring some unique features to the table. The chip we use in earbuds is the Qualcomm QCC3020, the most advanced TWS earphone chip. Which means the most stable signal connection, better sound quality, lower power consumption.

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Fusion Motion Potential Gym

Fusion Motion Portable Gym The tool promises “gym-quality results anywhere.” Exotic! Well, for many people. Those who go to the gym and sit on a recumbent bike for an hour while eating around on a read and Instagram will probably be disappointed in their search for fusion motion. Portable portable gym equipment not absent for touch-type their hands Leaving, plus they sweat, breathe hard, and irritate their muscles, leading to a decidedly non-gym-quality workout.

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What blazpod? Strange-a-mole likes to hate Billy and therefore the personal trainer. The Flash Reflex training system combines elements of all 3 – even several fun parts – into personal and business kits designed to improve your reaction time, coordination, agility, speed, power, by you Want to acquire any skills acquired. to make.

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Naked body fit

Naked Body Fitness Tracker Includes a turntable, a mirror, and a bunch of technology that enables it to require a 3D scan of your body reception. In capturing all the dimensions that your whole self has revealed, Naked says that it can provide a more complete picture of your health and progress. Additionally, to help you visualize changes over time, the mirror app tracks body fat percentage, accurate body measurements, and weight. Instead of displaying numbers and graphs directly, the Naked app includes visuals like a heatmap to indicate whether you’re losing muscle and fat, and a custom time-lapse slideshow of your body morphing ( Higher, for the right time?).

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Nike AIR ZOOM Training Shoes

For anyone who has eaten bicep curls for burpees, Nike has a new solution for you, the Nike Air Zoom SuperRep. The rise of fitness classes and in-home workout equipment has increased the demand for a proper footwear solution among those tailored for all of the above fitness, oriented models of spin, kettlebell swing and high-intensity burpee and swosh ( even more). The newly unveiled silhouette sports a breathable mesh upper with slip-on capabilities through a Huarache-like collar.

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Trim fat, tone muscle and loose weight. Stamina Aerolates Reformer 266 Ideal for the entry level consumer who wishes to have a professional Pilates workout in their home. This rectifier comes with three black standard resistance cords. Comfortable padded carriage moves smoothly and quietly on a steel frame. The Reformer comes with 266 Stamina Aeroilates that stand to lift the reformer approximately 10 inches above the ground to allow for more advanced Pilates exercises. Get a lean, wavy body with the Stamina Aerolates Reformer 266.

Giftfeed |  Workout gear

So, next time you introduce a new fitness routine to your bedroom, living room, or any room that has enough room for you, don’t forget to thank yourself for getting up and sitting on your mats. Stay fit and stay!


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