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GIFT-FEED: It’s Nana and Grandpa’s Special Day!

Nana and Grandpa deserve the best! To be our constant source of love, knowledge, valuable lessons and yes cookies! Who doesn’t remember our favorite Nana’s food? When we are feeling under the weather, Nana knows exactly what we need, and we feel so much better in no time. Grandpa’s stories and jokes never bored us. Oh … how we remember having a baby and being with them.

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

So very soon, we will be celebrating a special day for them (although we can celebrate it as every bang day !? Oops! We should still see our mouth around them.

To help you get some ideas for your Nana’s or Grandpa’s special day on September 8th, we put 8 special items, which can be clever, practical or fun gifts, to make sure that no matter what. What they would still love and keep as a treasure.

Mini factory scandal

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

Let’s start with candles, now Nana loves tea time, and we should make it extra special and extra cute with it Miniature cactus candles. The entire candle kept burning for about an hour from top to bottom. Cactus candles correspond to confectionary miniatures such as succulents and other types of cactus.


Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

For our grandparents who like words. Make it a little nautier and funner with this pick-up line kit. Magnetic Poetry – Pick Up Lines Kit features more than 200 themed magnetic word tiles in a beautiful, colorful, giftable 4.75 x 3-inch box. Arrange the words to write poems, messages to your grandmother and grandfather, or to a loved one. It is good to laugh sometime during afternoon tea or after dinner (blink, blink).

Arson mini bar

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

Now this person may need some approval from Nana, but how nice if you put your grandfather’s favorite whiskey in this very cold fire Sprinkler Mini BarThe Things can be both calm and thoughtful, especially if you have a granddad or fireman. It can hold up to 10L drinks and has enough space for some glasses and accessories.

What i love about grand john

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

Now this aside, aside from being super cute, it is more thoughtful. You can write everything you love Nana! From her cookies to her flowers in the garden, which you probably picked up when you were 5. One thing is guaranteed about this gift, it will definitely make him a little tearful. Or bring some tissue just in case.

Private peg pole

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

This passionate personal peg doll family framed portrait makes for a seriously touching gift. For the glorious grandfather and maternal grandfather of his tribe, there is nothing better than the legend of his family’s life in creative performance. Your new Peg Doll Family It will become a cherished conversation piece for generations to come. This will definitely doll up the house!

NIXPLAY Smart Wifi Photo Frame

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

Set them up with this digital frame when you can’t make it for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas and are too tempted to send them photos, and they aren’t tech-savvy with email and WhatsApp. It is a (technical) way of finding a unique way to stay in touch or connect with families and loved ones.

Share Development Beverage Glass

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

Now your grandfather might hate to sing Baby Shark, but you can give him a drinking glass with the novelty of this shark attack. He may have a whiskey or rum while raising a child… only if Nana is around. Grandpa can now (perhaps) enjoy “Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo …”. Cheers Pop!

Dead Fish Coffee (worldwide strong coffee)

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

For the grandparents, Mr. Coffee is on his last legs. You can gift them not only the best but also the world’s strongest coffee. Now maybe Death wish coffee Seems a bit off, but this is coffee to die for! If you are concerned about freshness, then you have the option to buy whole beans instead of pre-ground. Just make sure Nana and Grandpa have a mill.

Giftfeed |  grandparents Day

But whether or not they matter to you, cannot beat your presence on this particular day, or any day with your grandparents. Let us show them love and kindness and more. And there is this famous saying, you will never go hungry in your grandparents’ house. But yes, maybe look for those cookies.


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