GIFT-FEED: 30 House Warming Gifts That Won’t Go in the Trash Immediately

With so many people buying new homes, there is a high chance that you will soon be invited to a housewife party.
And obviously, you can’t go to a housewife party empty-handed, right?
But when you search for gifts online, there are thousands and thousands of options. And too many choices are never a good thing.
To make your struggle easier, we have prepared a list of 30 housewarming gifts that are memorable as well as practical. Or at least, 30 gifts that won’t immediately end up in the trash.

30 house-warming-gift-that-won't-go-in-the-trash-instant-gift-feed

1. Bonsai Red Maple Tree
What is better than giving someone a hobby.
Give them a red bonsai tree which they can nurture with love and care. This tree takes up half the space and looks doubly beautiful.

Bonsai - Red Maple Tree Starter Kit - Gift Feed

2. Solar Powered Floating Fountain
First of all, this miniature water fountain is great fun!
Give this to your tech-loving friend and he will love it for sure. A gift for entertaining visitors.

Solar powered floating fountain

3. Flip the Evil Garden Gnome
A SAVAGE gift for a SAVAGE person. This gift will definitely make some visitors laugh or at least give something that goes unnoticed.

flippy-evil garden gnome-humor-garden decoration

4. Star Wars The Mandalorian The Chai Chia Pet
Let’s be honest, we are all friends who are addicted to Star Wars.
This gift is for friends who can talk about Star Wars all day every day.

Star Wars-Mandalorian-Bal-Chia-Pet-Gift-Feed

5. Exceptional History Behind Ordinary Items
A gift for your friend who wears glasses (no offense) and can always be found with a book. This bestseller in trivia and fun facts will surely make a book-lover happy.

Story-Behind the Extraordinary-History-Behind-Ordinary-Objects-GiftFeed

6. Cat-Astrope Stacking Cat’s Game
Everyone loves to play games! A gift to bring out the child in your always serious relative.


7. Ben Young Glass Sculptures
A housewife gift that you can give to anyone. Whether it is your relative, coworker, or friend, this gift will definitely remain on the shelf for at least months.

BEN-Youth-Glass Sculptures-GiftFeed

8. NixPlay Smart Wi-Fi Photo Frame
A perfect housewife gift for all photo enthusiasts out there. It is a photo frame that definitely shines on the old school photo frame that people bring to a housewife party.

Nixplay - Digital Frame - Picture - Smart Wi-Fi Photo-Frame - GiftFeed

9. Book Rest Lamp
Give this imperfect lamp as your home gift and you will shine among everyone at the party. And everyone will be impressed when they see a book resting on a lamp, making it look like a house.

Book-rest-lamp-bed-side-night light best-house-summer-giving-gift-idea-giftfeed

10. Luxury Fluffy Bedroom Furry Carpet
A gift that will enhance the entire look of a room. Your friend may not be able to buy a luxurious house but you can make him feel a little fabulous with this carpet.
And don’t be my friend, it’s not shedding the carpet.


11. Floating Levitating Plant Pot
If this gift does not stand at the housewife party, I do not know what will happen. A perfect gift that everyone would say “wow”.


12. Extreme Sapphire Cluster Powerful Deep Crystal
Stone for one but full gold mine for another. A stone for the friend who always looks stone. This gift will definitely be out when anyone puts it on the shelf.

Extreme-Amethyst-Cluster-Powerful-Deep Purple-Crystal-GiftIdeas-GiftFeed

13. Avocado Growing Kit
Who thought you could grow your avocado at home. Gift it to someone who lacks love and care. Nurturing a plant will teach them the value of time.

Avocado Moving-Kit-Housewarming-GiftIdeas-Gift-Feed

14. Planetarium Fridge Magnets
These mysterious looking magnets represent all 12 zodiac signs. This can be a perfect gift for any astrology lover as they emit a strange vibe.


15. Red Crab Spoon Holder and Steam Reliever
If you walk into a kitchen and see it, it will definitely put a smile on your face, making it a perfect gift option for people who like to cook at housewives and birthday parties.

Red Crab-Spoon-Holder & Steam-Releaser-House-Warming-Gift Ideas-Giftfeed

16. Lucky Clover Paper Weight
Someone wisely said- Enjoy small things. This cute little paperweight will entice anyone to pick it up and stare. A practical yet lovely gift.


17. Minimalist Cube Kitchen Timer
We all hate looking at our phones while cooking, but we have to do this to keep track of time. This gift is a useful and budget-friendly option.

minimalist-cube-kitchen timer-gift feed housewarming-gift ideas

18. Magnetic 3D Globe Puzzle
It is amazing to have a showpiece that will attract every visitor. Also, something that will keep everyone entertained. It will serve as a showpiece and a learning lesson for children.

Magnetic-3d-puzzle-globe-metal housewarming-giftideas-giftfeed

19. 80-hour vertical spiral candle
We are all tired of fancy candles that last only half an hour. But, this one is different, it is fancy and long lasting at the same time. A perfect piece for a romantic dinner.


20. Rug Carpet Alarm Clock
We all snooze buttons and lose our battles almost every day. This rug will ensure that its owner begins his day. A perfect gift for that lazy friend of yours.

Rug-Carpet-Alarm Clock-Housewarming-giftideas-giftfeed

21. Viva La Juicy Gold Couture Eau De Parfum Gift Set
Is it not ashamed to gift my friend? Perfume sets are still a popular gift option for many people. This is especially for your girlfriend who likes to look sexy.

Viva-La Juicy-Gold-Clothing-You-Day-PARFUM-3- Piece-Gift-Set

22. Tea Fort Pipette Presentation Box Tea Samples
Tea has a special place in all our hearts. And trust me, you will love it. Give this gift to a tea lover and he will thank you a dozen times.

Tea-forte-mini-presentation box-tea-sample-housewarming-giftidea-gift-feed

23. Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Who did not dream of swimming in a chocolate fountain? Okay, you can’t swim in this one, but it will make your dream come true at least 50%. A perfect choice for a sweet housewife party.

Chocolate Fondue - Chocolate Fountain - Machine - Gift - Feed - Housewarming - Gift Ideas

24. Ugly Sweater Wine Tote
Looking for a funny gift? This ugly wine sweater will make everyone laugh at a party. A perfect gift to lighten everyone’s mood.


25. Star Wars Darth Vader Silicon Owen Mitt
Showing love is not always about words and surprises. Sometimes it is about giving Star Wars gloves for hand protection. A Star Wars fan would like this.

Black Darth Vader - Glove-Star-Wars-Oven-Mitt-Giftfeed

26. vinyl record coaster for drinks
A conversation starter that can be used for all types of wines, mugs, beer, and glasses. A budget-friendly yet subtle way to impress guests at a party.

Vinyl-record coaster for drinks-housewarming-giftideas-gift-feed

27. Queen of Heart 5 Quarter Tilt Head Stand Mixer
This can be the best gift for any kitchen lover. A super useful gift that is worth every penny from your pocket.


28. Animal Skeleton Shaped
My friend, Love is in small things. A subtle way to show your love is to have candles shaped by these cute animals. A small gift that does not harm your pocket.


29. Restoration Hardware Gift Card
RH is one of the most innovative and fastest growing luxury brands in the home furnishings market. Make the perfect gift with a gift card from this luxury furniture store.

Restoration-Hardware-Gift Card-Housewarming-Giftideas-Gift Feed

30. Dark wood diffuser for essential oils
In the days of room fresheners, gift this oil diffuser to someone. This will allow your loved ones to have a calm and therapeutic sleep. And what better than thanking someone for a restful sleep.

Dark wood-diffuser-essential-oil-housewarming-giftideas-giftfeed