GBWhatsapp APK Download Latest Version 7.81 (2019)

GBWhatsapp APK

GBWhatsapp APK is one of the most trending application and When it comes to the easy way to communicate, Whatsapp has become a prior choice of millions of users.

But what if the app will come with features like we have already seen before in whats app plus with a much better user interface and other extensive features. GBWhatsapp apk does that all for you.

It is loaded with tonnes of new features and one of them allows you to use two Whatsapp accounts on the same Android device.

GBwhatsapp 2017 is simply the iteration or upgraded version of GBWhatsapp’s old version but it is total replacing the old Whatsapp plus.

So let’s get started by introducing the new gems loaded in GBWhatsapp apk which includes privacy, media & document sharing, High-end UI, and calling features.

GBwhatsapp Features

You may trouble with the certain feature of normal Whatsapp such as limited numbers of latter in status, limitation to the size of videos and audio files you share and other privacy-related features.

According to GBwhatsapp official website, you can eliminate all limitation created by normal Whatsapp. Moreover, GBwhats app lets you run two Whatsapp accounts on the same device.

Using GBWhatsapp apk, allows you to access all Whatsapp and whats app plus features along with having both of them functioning at the same time on the same device with the different phone number.

Improved version of GBWhatsapp 2016, loaded with plethora of themes, increased number of letters in status, the number of members you can add in group has increased, and no size limitation to share media files & other distinctive and most attractive features such as hiding online status and last seen even when you are online while being able to see others’.

Let’s explore all new features comes with latest GBWhatsapp apk.

GBWhatsapp Privacy Features:

People nowadays are more concerned about their privacy and GBWhatsapp plus apk is the perfect solution to overcome each issue related to privacy when it comes to communicating on Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp 2017 has revamped itself with the plethora of privacy features listed below.

Hide View Status:

With this feature, your name won’t appear if you have seen the status of any or your contacts. It allows you to hide ‘view status’ for all your contacts.

Hide Online Status:

Another interesting feature which allows you to hide your ‘online’ status and shows you offline to everyone even when you are online.

Hide Blue Tick:

You can hide blue ticks for contacts and group even after you have read the messages.

Hide Writing Status:

One unique feature GBWhatsapp 2017 loaded with is, hiding ‘writing’ status when you are typing a message to reply.

Hide Blue microphone:

with this feature, you can hide blue microphone for groups and contacts when you open voice recorded file.

Hide recording status:

You will be able to hide ‘recording’ status when you are recording voice for groups as well as contacts.

If these are not enough you can use various applications along with GBWhatsapp apk such as watch dog that notifies you when the user you intend to know when they come online.

New UI for Gbwhatsapp 2019

Compared to an older version of GBWhatsapp 2016, the new version comes with the totally different user interface which is highly tangible and interactive.

Just like normal Whatsapp, it has Camera, chats, status and calls respectively when you open Whatsapp normally.

GBWhatsapp apk comes with the same UI with hidden features inside which you can access easily with the same interface Whatsapp and Whatsapp plus are loaded with.

GBWhatsapp Media and document sharing

According to GBWhatsapp official website, there is no limit when it comes to sharing media and document files.

You can share all kind of documents files, media files, location and contact information without worrying about the size of the file and extensions.


It is the same as normal Whatsapp but with the increased capacity when it comes to file size. You can share any documents such as pdf, docs, txt, ppt, RTF etc. up to 50MB.


It will allow you direct access to your camera and gallery along with a high-quality flawless recording.


You can send all kind of media files such as video, audio, and high definition pictures up to the size of 50MB.

Location and contact sharing are the same ones as we find in normal Whatsapp.

GBWhatsapp APK

How to Download GBWhatsapp APK

After reviewing these features of GBWhatsapp, you may want to download it for sure.

You can download any version of the GBWhatsapp such as download GBWhatsapp 3.20 for free from GBWhatsapp’s official website.

Moreover, it will let you keep the previous chat while installing the GBWhatsapp over normal Whatsapp without losing any other data.

The latest version of the GBWhatsapp is GBWhatsapp 2017 version 6.10 which was launched back on 1st August 2017.

This mod of Whatsapp has crossed all the limitation & boundaries when it comes to feature and allow the user to access every single root of the application.

Here are the most lovable features of latest GBWhatsapp 2017 over GBWhatsapp’s old version of 2016.

1. The super-exclusive message scheduler which allows the user to plan their message in advanced and an automatically send it to intended contact.

2. Ability to send multiple videos at the same time

3. Loaded with the option to change color for unread message in chat screen

4. Ability to choose different fonts and themes out of plethora of renowned themes and font styles

5. It is loaded with Doodle which will allow you to edit pictures with emoji and text

6. It will let you change the color of the broadcast icon, color on the main screen and even chat screen.

7. Let you download the updated story/status directly

On top of all, GBwhatsapp has become most popular for its ability to let you use two accounts at the same time on the same Android device.

GBWhatsapp 2017 is compatible with every Android version and while it has the size of 34Mbs.

Moreover, there are several advanced features you will be able to access with GBWhatsapp plus apk.

GBWhatsapp apk has proved itself quite better compared to normal Whatsapp in every way you can think of.