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Five Tips For Ultimate Muscle Relaxation

After an hour or two, you gave your best during this workout session. You know precisely because your throat aches and muscles send you painful reminders every time you try to move. Fortunately, the next part of your fitness program should focus on the relief and relief from post-workout aches and pains. And this is where your bathtub comes in to save your throat organs.

While a long dip in hot water may be your first choice after a hard, stressful day after work, it can be the most beneficial place to travel after a hard workout.

So, if you are ready to hit the tub, use these five tips to improve your experience and bring maximum relaxation for your next post-workout bath.

1. Start with dry brushing

Body massage with a dry brush is a great way to improve circulation, accelerate detoxification, and help the lymph drainage system. Be sure to use a stiff brush, brushing towards your heart in long, energetic strokes. Start with your feet and then upwards towards your feet, abdomen, underarms and arms. Dry brushing also provides exfoliation to the entire body, which is the key to making the skin young and radiant. Just remember to apply a moisturizer!

2. Keep the water warm

Muscles have a tendency to recover better after vigorous exercise when they are heated rather than cooled. Soaking in hot water provides humid heat, which is the most beneficial way of heat for muscle recovery and repair. Since the human body is up to 60% water, moist heat can penetrate deep into the muscles and tissues, allowing them to relax, which in turn speeds up the recovery process.

However, you should keep the water warm, not super hot as it makes you sweat (rather than relax) after a few minutes. Even though it comes down to all personal preferences, be sure to fill the tub with water at 32 to 35 ° C. It is warm enough to feel the benefits, but not too hot to get wet for 15-20 minutes – a time that allows your tissues and nervous system time to adjust and relax. In other cases, you risk drying your skin.

3. Use Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is not really a salt, but rather a mixture of important minerals, mostly magnesium, an essential electrolyte that regulates many physiological functions including heart rhythm, nerve function and muscle contraction.

Soaking in a salt bath instead of eating magnesium-filled food bypasses the digestive process, which speeds up absorption and helps reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain and promote better recovery.

4. Bring Lavender Essential Oil

The smell of lavender is known to be very soothing and is known to calm the central nervous system, reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, which are specific to relaxing your body and mind after an intense workout. As important.

You are a fan of light scented candles, whether you prefer to use an Epsom salt bath product that contains various essential oils, or apply a face mask when you soak, you can easily apply these with lavender essential oil. Can find all products. This will not help you break your normal routine, but will provide more benefits for your relaxation at bath time.

5. Add CBD Bath Bomb

Taking a hot bath is not only one of the easiest and satisfying ways to relax completely, but it also leads to increased blood flow and circulation, relief of muscle soreness and more restful sleep. You can slip into ultimate relaxation by adding sparkling bath bombs to your bathtub to create an atmosphere of luxury and elegance and bring a cool scent.

When it comes to choosing a bath bomb, nothing beats CBD oil, a natural and active compound that can promote much-needed relief for your muscles and even the body’s endocyanosinoids Heals wounds and injuries through interactions with various receptors of the system. What’s more, using CBD for anxiety May help reduce anxiety and stress, reduce stress and drift to sleep faster.

As an added bonus, CBD bath bombs can help soothe and moisturize your skin and address various skin-related issues, leaving it soft and silky, no matter your skin What is the type of

final thoughts:

Although some people prefer to take a bath only for bathing, others find this ritual extra relaxing and beneficial, especially after a vigorous workout. Soaking in a bath can help soothe tight muscles, relieve body tension, relax your mind, and promote a good night’s sleep. What’s more, you can improve your bathing experience by adding a few things like dry brushing, setting the right temperature, bringing lavender essential oil and CBD infused bath bombs.

At the same time, the bathtub should never replace the necessary post-workout recovery strategy such as stretching, proper cool-down, and foam rolling. However, if you are struggling with muscle pain they may provide additional support.

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