Don’t Let These 5 Myths about Succulents Trick You

With their muscular limbs and flexible nature, succulents have won our hearts. All they need is love and a little attention, and you’ll master the art of being a plant parent. Are you a little skeptical about bringing these greens home? we know many myths about succulents Going around, and today we thought about dismissing them all. Let’s dispel all the myths about these adorable plants!

Requires direct or indirect sunlight

It is generally believed that succulents can survive in either direct sunlight or indirect sunlight. Both are extreme and completely wrong. Succulents can tolerate bright and direct sunlight only in the morning. Keep them in the morning sunlight for 2 hours daily and then indirect sunlight is perfect for them.

can survive in any soil

No, they cannot survive in any type of soil. They need a well-draining soil mix to thrive!

it’s okay to forget to water them

You will need to water the succulents when the soil feels dry. It is a common myth that they can survive for days and days without them. Yes, they can survive without water for a week or two, but it is always better to water them once a week and let them grow properly.

closed spaces are tolerable

Succulents are often used as terrarium plants. Yes, you can use them, but they don’t tolerate closed spaces. Keep the lid open so they can get fresh air!

cacti and succulents are synonyms

People are usually confused about cacti and succulents. Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti!

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