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This is that terrible (or exciting) time of year again. The stores are filled with red and pink decorations and it seems that everyone around you is in love. You have been dating someone for a short time or you want to be dating him, but you are not sure if you need to get one. Valentine’s Day gift for her. It can be a complicated time of year to be in a new relationship. After going through it myself, I want to give some clear advice as to whether you need to get her a gift. Now, this is only a guide, you know your girl best, if you think she will be hurt, disappointed, or expecting a gift, you should always at least give her something small. Should do so that it does not hurt this Valentine’s day. So without further ado, here are the questions you need to ask yourself in this loving season whether it is necessary to get a gift.

Should I get her something for Valentine’s Day?

Some questions to ask yourself:

1. Have you met parents?

2. How long have you been dating?

3. Did you do “The Talk”?

4. Is it a regressive or a serious commitment?

5. Do you want to continue a relationship with him?

  1. Have you met your parents?

This question is one of the fastest ways to find out if you are on the same page and whether it is necessary that you gift this Valentine’s Day season. Often, women who do not want a serious relationship or are new to the relationship will not see you from their parents. You don’t know from her parents that she doesn’t know if you are someone who will stick around and it also helps her avoid awkward family discussions if the relationship ends later .

On the other hand it means if you have Visit parents, It is likely that you will give him a gift for this Valentine’s Day. It shows that she is at least interested in you so that you can meet her family and she considers you a serious part of her life. This does not mean that you have to give him something huge and elaborate, but rather get him a personalized gift crate he wants to accept.

  1. How long have you been dating?

This is an important factor in whether or not you need to get him a Valentine’s Day gift. If you have been dating for 2 years, guess what gift you are going to give him. But it gets more complicated if you’ve been together for a short time. (Yesterday was your first kiss? Yes that gets confused).

Relationships do not always follow the same timeline. For some people, it can take a year to get on and off dating before you are finally in an “official” relationship. For others, they go from dating to marriage in 6 weeks. No matter the pace of your relationship, the general rule of thumb is that if you are dating exclusively or have been together for more than a few weeks, you need to get her a gift this holiday season. Will be. However, often the length of the relationship is related to the grandeur of the gift. He is getting new AirPods? You are most likely not dating for a week or two. If you’re in a new relationship, think about keeping it simple with a simple gift (such as a teddy bear, love note, inside joke, or more).

  1. Have you “talked”?

No, I am not talking about birds and bees. I am talking about where you discuss what kind of relationship you want and if you are exclusive. This question should always be on your mind when you think of giving him a Valentine’s Day gift. If you talk about being in a committed relationship, you should get her a gift, which is simple.

It gets more complicated when you don’t have a talk and Valentine’s Day is coming. If you’re exclusive, you don’t want to speed up the nature of your relationship by asking a week before Valentine’s Day, but if you don’t want to give him a Valentine’s Day gift, he doesn’t want to look silly and he ends up Is giving you one!

A big rule of thumb is that if you want to gift it to her, just do it. Whether it is an inside joke, or a personal gift that he will love, no gift is unattainable. Just be aware that it can potentially force you to “talk” because she must be wondering if you are “lover” material. If you do not want to give him a gift and you do not have “talk”, then you are clear because you have not made a promise to him and he should not expect a gift from you.

  1. Is that a regression or a serious commitment?

This may seem obvious enough, but for some people they need a reminder. Is this the kind of relationship you see yourself in for a long time? How embarrassing it would be if you didn’t give her a gift and then got married somewhere on the street and she is telling the story that you didn’t even gift her on your first Valentine’s Day together. Trust me, this is not the impression you want to leave long term, get her a gift.

However, if it is someone who has the possibility that you cannot keep the gift for a very long time then it may not be necessary if you are planning to lose it in the next few months. How (however big), if he does not know that it is a temporary thing, BE KIND AND GER HER A GIFT. If you are moving forward or talking about whether it is in some way a short-term affair, it is okay not to receive a gift. If she does not know that you are planning to make it a short-term thing, get her a small box of chocolate or something simple so that she does not use after the relationship is over.

  1. Has she given you a gift?

As before, it should be a brainless one. If someone gives you a gift, it is a fair and polite thing to give it back to them. It is also important to get him a gift of equal or greater value. If he gives you a new Hydro flask (This one is about $ 30 dollars), you should plan to give him something similar. If you are checking out great gift ideas For some great gifts for him.

5. Do you want to continue a relationship with him?

It requires someone to have self-reflection. Whether you have been dating him for a week or a year, it is important to reflect occasionally and say to yourself “Is this someone I want to spend the rest of my life with?”. Valentine’s Day is never the right day to break up with a woman. Under no circumstances would I recommend this. However, as the holiday draws closer, take each other along and think about whether you want to continue this relationship. If this is something you want to end, I encourage you to break up with her before the holiday and apologize about the time.

If this is a relationship you want to continue, give her a gift. If you are not sure she is on the same page and if you want the same things to gift her and see how she reacts. This can help bring out whether you want to be long term together. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on it, maybe take her to a movie and dinner and tell her how you’re feeling.

In summary:

Life is too short to worry about giving or not giving someone a gift. If you see something she likes, or want to pursue the relationship further, give her a Valentine’s Day gift that she would love. If you are worried about getting her a gift and are not sure if it is time to talk about where the relationship is going, follow the steps above and decide that you need to get the gift for her Required or not. Above all, you know him best, if you have any doubt in your mind, give him a simple gift, one that he will love and see how things go.