How to Bypass Google Verification Easily?

Bypassing google verification is not so easy now. Google comes up with many new features that also included avoiding users to bypass google verification code and activate the google account easily.

With the help of the Android lollopop  5.1 operating system, developers of google have launched a new security feature which can’t be easily unlock by the unknown person who forcefully tries to do unlock the phone. The high security feature is named as Goggle account verification security.

In the starting few years after the launching of this smartphone technology i.e. android, there was not highly set-up security for the phone users because that was the growing stage of android. That time, it was very easy to unlock the phone by factory reset.

At present, google avails us to use ultimate features provided with fully back-up files synced with the google account which can’t get stolen without the verification of your registered mobile number.  

How this google verification security works. Lets discuss!!

Google verification security is also known as factory reset protection (FRP). This assures the users that if they lost their phone and somebody tries to unlock their phone to misuse it or any other purpose.

Once the phone get locked and if it is not get the right password. Then it can only unlock by the verification code which is considered as the emergency code set-up by the user of the phone while registering with the google verification security.

So it is advisable to lock your phone either set any pattern or any pin password to protect your phone from the robberers.

There are some solution of this problem if you forgets your password and unable to unlock your phone.

Kindly pursue all this instructions before trying to registering and  trying to unlock the google account verification security.

Solution to Bypass Google Verification Code

Once the phone end-up its factory reset procedure then it will re-boot your phone. After that it will ask you to select language where you have to select your native language. After the selection of your native language, there are certain few steps which should be follow while doing registration with the google account verification.

1.  Connect your home network wifi with your phone. So that your phone can update and download all those necessity of your phone which makes your phone much faster and easy to access.

2.  Thereafter they will ask you to enter your Gmail account (if any). If you don’t have gmail account then you can signup to google account and can make your gmail account instantly.

3.  Then the option of google keyboard setting will displayed on your phone screen. Select the keyboard as per your requirement and comfort.

4.  As the android OS is having too many versions so the features and process is same but still do it according to the alignment of the questions ask by your phone while doing registeration on google account verification.

5.  You can also select the help and feedback option where you can select any item in the list available to you as per your requirement.

6.  Now, it is advisable to long press any text on the page which can be use for the websearch option available on the upper right corner.

7.  Search field will start processing their work. After this delete the text from the search field and Type SETTINGS in the search option.

8.  For enabling developer options then you have to tap to the ABOUT PHONE, thereafter go to the build number by tapping 7 times.

9.  Get back to the previous menu and click on the developers option which will appear by just one tap.

10.  Now the major steps have been taken to secure your phone which are as follows:

  • Allow OEM unlocking
  • Then getting back by tapping two times.
  • After that Restart your phone.
  • Again connect your wifi.

11. Now you have fulfilled all the requirement of the registration. You just have to observe that “ Your phone will ask you to add your google account instead of adding previous login id. It is by default login to your phone with the help of all those steps which we have discussed earlier.

Final Words

There are also several major ways to bypass these issues. You can also bypass your phone with the help of USB connectors along with freely download softwares related to bypass. Follow this instruction only when you considered yourself a technically inclined person.