Busting Myths about Lucky Bamboo Plants

Famous as Lucky Banbu, Dracaena Sanderiana spreads good luck and positivity wherever it is kept. This cooperative plant is happy in water as well as soil. Lucky Bamboo does no tantrums and is super friendly. there are several Myths about lucky bamboo plants Which people believe in and today we have decided to reject them all. After all, our dearest lucky plant is well-deserved for it. Let’s start!

Destiny’s death brings bamboo misfortune

Making mistakes is human and you are allowed to do so. It is believed that if you kill a lucky bamboo plant, you will have to face misfortune for 29 years. Although it is bad to kill any plant, if you accidentally killed your lucky bamboo, bad luck will not follow you. Keep calm

Can’t survive in water

who said so? People think that lucky bamboo cannot live in water. Conversely, it can survive in water. Keep changing the water and using distilled water.

Want direct sun

Lucky bamboo plants require bright and indirect sunlight. Those of you who believe that it needs direct sunlight should now reconsider and save their plant from dying.

Have a short life span

No. It’s not like that. Lucky bamboo can live for many years. It all depends on how you take care of the plant.

Rain money

Some people feel that if they bring the lucky bamboo home, it will make a lot of money. Yes, Lucky Banbu brings good luck, but that does not mean that you will get a barrage of money without any hard work. It keeps you positive so that you can work hard and achieve your goal!

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