Best Diwali 2021 Games and Activities

Best Diwali 2021 Sports & Activities : Diwali games on festivals are all about fun, and when Diwali is around, the fun doubles and triples. In olden days people used to celebrate Diwali in their homes. Nowadays people like to celebrate this holy occasion with their relatives, friends also. For that, a lot of parties and celebrations are organized by the rich people for the ceremony. It is quite common that celebrations are useless without sports.

Best Diwali 2021 Sports & Activities

Here below are the games that can be enjoyed on this holy and joyous event (Diwali):-

fancy dress competition

Children dressed up as Ram, Lakshmana or Sita can add stars to the beauty of the parties as it will provide immense joy to the children along with adding definition to the celebration of the holy festival.

Best Diwali 2021 Sports & Activities

Rangoli Competition

Be it a school or a family celebrating Diwali, Rangoli competition is an indispensable option as it can help us to unearth the hidden talents along with decorating the floor.

Best Diwali 2021 Sports & Activities

light candles with a matchstick

It is easy enough to light candles with so many matchsticks, but when it comes to lighting candles with one matchstick, it will be fun to count the number of candles lit by one participant.

Best Diwali 2021 Sports & Activities

blow out the candles

It will be great fun to challenge the kids to blow out the candles as the spirit of competition among the participants and the inspiration provided by the spectators will add to the beauty of the festivities.

alphabetical arrangement of lamps

The first task of the organizer is to draw 26 letters on the diyas to play this game. After that, players have to arrange those lamps alphabetically, and the person with the least amount of time wins.

diwali game

Even if there is no celebration, you can still try to play these games to increase the joy and fun on the day of the festival. Diwali can be more interesting and joyful by playing these games and activities as the sound of children makes the house a home.

I hope this helped you a lot to increase happiness. I wish you a very Happy Diwali and don’t forget to share diwali game With your friends, cousin, brother, sister, etc.

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