A Step by Step Guide

Everyone wants success in their life, but success can be defined in so many different ways that it can seem daunting at times. In this blog post, you will learn how to make success easier for yourself by defining what success means to you.

Have you ever heard people say “I just want to be successful” so you questioned them what they meant? How successful? They might not be able to answer which success they liked right? It’s very common. Most people want to be successful but they don’t even know what success means to them.

Let’s start by looking at the dictionary definition of success. The definition of success is very vague as dictionaries define it differently.

Some common definitions of success:

  • the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.
  • progressive realization of a worthy ideal
  • the fact that you have achieved something you want and are trying to do or get

What do all these definitions have in common? Success can be anything! Success is not a special thing. Success is doing what you want to do. Success is the fulfillment of the goal you want in life. Now that you know that, the next step is to figure out what goals you want in your life. So now it seems easy to find your own definition of success but the problem is that many people don’t know what kind of life they want because they fail to ask themselves the right questions.

What does success look like to you?

This is a question that people often overlook when thinking about success. What does success look like to me? How do I define success for myself and how can I achieve it? These questions can be difficult to answer at first- we all know the old way of defining. Success should be what you want on your own terms. It’s not just about money, fame or career success. Success has to be looked at more holistically. It has many different parts, not just one part.

These three questions will help you define success better:

  • What do you want to do as your career?
  • What kind of person should you be?
  • What lifestyle do you need?

What do you want to do as your career? What job or career would you take if they all paid the same?

Imagine if all jobs and careers paid the same. If that were the case, which job would you choose? That’s how you find what you want to do for your career. If you’re still not sure, find out what things you’re passionate about and if your passion is in demand. Once you find your passion, find out if other people are doing the same thing and whether people are willing to pay for what you’re passionate about. If there’s a market for it, you know what you should be doing for your career.

As it is commonly said, a mix of passion + demand is your dream career. When you find a combination of those two things, you have the career of your dreams.

“Success means courage, determination and the will to be the person you believe you were meant to be.” – George Sheehan

What kind of person should you be?

Being successful means that you are the person you always wanted to be. It means that you can look at yourself in the mirror and you are very proud and happy with what you see. This means that you have the qualities that you look for in your heroes or ideals.

Ask yourself what qualities you admire in other people (especially your idols). These are the qualities you want. Once you have a list of all the qualities you want, you know what kind of person you want to be.

For example: I admire Elon Musk’s creativity, intelligence and bravery. I admire Jordan Belfort’s people and salesmanship. I admire some music stars like Nicki Minaj and Drake for their confidence and joy in their craft.

These are the qualities I want. If I have these qualities in spades, I will consider myself my “dream person” or the person I have always wanted to be if I can build a person based on personality traits.

What kind of lifestyle do you need to live?

An important part of being successful is designing life the way you want. Your career is only a part of your life. Your lifestyle is made up of your career, out of work activities, place to live, personal relationships and more.

Answering questions like these will help you define what you want:

  • How do you want to see your day?
  • How do you want to see your personal life?
  • How do you want to fill your time outside of work?
  • where do you want to live?
  • What kind of people do I want around me?

Your lifestyle is made up of many different things. Answering questions forms a major part of your lifestyle. Once you can answer these questions, you can have a much clearer definition of what success means.

See success as a whole

The answer is to look at success as a whole, rather than just one thing or goal. When you figure out what career you want to pursue regardless of money, what kind of person you want to be and how you want to see your lifestyle, your definition of success will become more clear. Being successful is the life you want, not a particular job, income goal or material thing.

When you define your success more holistically, you will know how to move forward. Also remember that your definition of success will change over time and that’s okay! What you want in parts of your life will change, possibly even the career of your dreams. Don’t be afraid to completely switch gears based on what you think is right for your heart.