A sky-high interview with Cyrus in Gherkin

Walking in Searcys on Gherkin You can have panoramic views all over London and the roof of the huge glass dome, providing plenty of light and atmosphere to any rival Restaurants in the capital. From the menu, wine sommelier, excellent service to incredible views, Serkis at Gherkin is a real treat for your special occasion. We were lucky enough to have him with General Manager, John Short, to ask him some questions about the restaurant and get some suggestions of some of the best foods and wines on the menu.

Food selection at Searcys in Gherkin

1. Can you tell us a little about Searcys on Gherkin?

Giersin has had Cyrus for over 14 years. One of London’s first skyscraper restaurants, Helix, at the top of Gherkin’s levels 39 and 40, has been a prestigious London location for entertainment and recreation, offering 360-degree views of the capital. Set against a backdrop of spectacular panoramic views, the menu focuses on seasonal production and the best of ingredients. In celebration of all that makes London great, Searcys will pay tribute to markets across the capital, with dishes inspired by iconic food markets such as Billingsgate and Borough Market.

2. Do you have any famous chefs who work in your restaurant?

Over the years we have mentioned a number of names such as William Curley, Mark Hicks and Great British Bake-Off finalist Ruby Bhogle.

3. The panoramic views are incredible! Do you have a favorite London view from Gherkin?

One has to look down at the river from level 40, with the sunset reflected from the buildings of the Canary Wharf.

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4. We know that you serve brunch, lunch and right for dinner. What would you recommend is the best time to visit Cercius in Gherkin?

Evening time is a sublime time in scenes involving a champagne sip with an early dinner – any time of the day.

5. That sounds like a beautiful dinner setting. What is your most popular dish?

It should be beef – braised beef with caramelized shallots, creamed parsnip and crispy allium.

6. We loved the wine sommelier that came around to drink with our chosen dishes – such a special touch! How will you choose the wines that you get?

Our sommelier recommended Gabriel Muru – from the Old World and New World make a good selection of wines from different countries. Diversify your wine list with new producers in Europe (such as Romania, Hungary and Greece) as well as famous people. Don’t forget to add English sparkling producers – we love Nyetimber and small producers like Greyfriars and Horse Mondane.

My discovery of the year is Sabastini Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley in California. It is a full-grown, bold red that is grown in a valley that brings freshness to the grapes. Stir with our beef. And of course, our famous champagne list – from Searcys’ own signature Brut and Rose (you can now buy it online too) to amazing Grandes Marques like Perrier-Jouët, Taittinger, Laurent-Perrier – you have such Note can be in a glass.

Lunch at Searcys in Gherkin

7. If you had a chance to choose a table of celebrity dinner guests, who would you like to join and why?

We would love to invite the most amazing people from all walks of life to keep the conversation flowing – from Marcus Rashford, Louis Hamilton, Victoria Pendleton to culture, gastronomy and science fishheads such as Tess Daly, Matt Tablet, as well as our stalwarts . Pru Leth and David Attenborough.

Eating at Searcys in Gherkin

8. It sounds like a fun dinner party! Do you have any mouth-watering vegetarian dishes that you can tell us about?

I love our Energine and Mozzarella Tertellini, Baked Artichokes, Romansko, Sage and Truffle Dish.

9. We got a fabulous voucher on Red Letter Days with delicious cocktails included in the package. What would be your cocktail of choice?

We love our Pink 75 – it is a gink-based cocktail with rose petal wine and a touch of cerces brute and grenadine.

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Cocktails at Searis in Gherkin

10. Wow – sounds delicious. Finally, a big thanks for the delicious meal at home on Christmas with the young carer family working with us. They loved it! The food you served looked incredible – could you tell us a little about them on your menu?

They enjoyed our delicious Hurford beef with chorizo-braised lentils and heritage carrots and cabbage. For dessert, the cake was selected from our afternoon tea menu: Apple Crumble Tart, Victoria Sandwich, Chocolate, Cherry Delis and Stollen Cake.

You can read more about how we teamed up with former Manchester United player, Patrice Evera, and National Charity, Bernardo, to give an incredible surprise to a young London caretaker family here.

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