7 of the Biggest Enemies Stopping You From Success

Everyone wants to be successful. This is something that we all wish for. We want to achieve mind-blowing success. However, the road to success is not so easy. And the funniest thing is that you are the one who determines whether you succeed or not.

The key to success is in your hands. Seriously, if the key to your success is in your hands, why aren’t you successful yet? Well, that’s because you are your own worst enemy of success, shocked?

You have control over whatever happens to you. However the 7 elements inside you prevent you from being successful.

These are the 7 elements that are stopping you from being successful

1. decency

Satisfaction is a state of idiocy. A very powerful sense of self-satisfaction. Yes! Many times it happens that you have put all your efforts to do something or the other. You have put so much effort into your work, it is normal for you to feel big, to admire yourself and be satisfied with what you have done.

Complacency comes when you become overly satisfied with what you have done. Honestly, you have put so much work and effort into everything you do, you will not feel good if someone condemns your hard work and efforts.

This is where most people make mistakes. Instead of listening to mistakes, we ignore what people say. Why? Because you are amazed by the work you have done yourself. You feel so satisfied that you don’t want to change it or listen to advice.

And, do you know what decency brings? Complacency brings pride, laziness, stagnation, overconfidence and procrastination. If you’re wrong, accept that you are, ask people for advice, and be always ready to learn.

Take growth mindset, instead of a definite.

2. Low self-esteem

How do you understand yourself? Do you think you are worthless? Well, low self-esteem is one of the biggest enemies of your success. However, you harness the power of self-esteem and therefore you are the controller of your own success.

Low self esteem holds a very strong power that being “underestimated” you keep on underestimating yourself which will make you lose your self-worth. What do you think happens when you lose your self-worth? One, you lose your confidence, second, self-esteem, and finally, you enter a world of negativity.

love yourself first! Why are you undermining your great self? So many people have incredible abilities but there they are underestimating themselves, destroying themselves. Faith on self, while time is flying by.

Always love God and love yourself. If you love God, it will be even easier to love yourself. Because the love of God brings indescribable joy and bliss. This is from the point of view of a child of God.

You are a great person, know! Nothing can shake you. One secret is this: if you don’t condemn yourself, no one on earth can condemn you. Therefore, never condemn yourself. Never limit your potential. You are infinite and eternal.

3. Pride (ego)

Pride has left billions of people in the world with bitter remorse. If you can’t subordinate yourself to others, you can’t get very far in life. Even if you succeed by chance, the end will still be full of great regrets.

Be humble, pride is the biggest enemy of your success. Some people have a mentality that they cannot learn from someone younger than themselves, even if they are in the same workplace or do the same work.

Many people feel they are too big to ask for help. They think they are too big to learn. If you don’t know something, ask people who know about it. Don’t feel too big of a ask and always be prepared to face humiliation and adjust.

Go and learn from the world’s most successful men and women and see how much humiliation they have endured. But look where they are now.

You need skills to be successful, which simply means you have to learn skills, and learning new skills will require you to put in a lot of service and work. But, how do you serve? You serve with honor and utmost submission.

“Success is about action. Successful people keep going. They make mistakes but they don’t give up.” — Conrad Hilton

4. Laziness

We all have our own comfort zone. Most of the times, people get too satisfied with their comfort zone and hence find it very difficult for them to step out of that comfort zone.

Your comfort zone can be in movies, your favorite celeb, social media, games, friends, doing nothing etc. What is your comfort zone or where is your comfort zone? Unless you make godliness, hard work, commitment, smart thinking and perseverance your comfort zone, success will be impossible for you.

One scary factor that lightens our laziness is joy. The feeling of satisfying what our body wants. Although it may seem like you are satisfying yourself, deep down, you are wasting your time. What do you waste your time on?

Is this social media? gaming? Watching movies? Instead of wasting your time to satisfy yourself, you should maximize your time doing things that elevate your future.

5. Delay

procrastination He is the one who has made many people miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime. It is also the biggest enemy of your success. However, don’t forget that you harness the power of procrastination in yourself.

Procrastination and laziness are like twins, they always go hand in hand. When you are too attached to your comfort zone, procrastination sets in, causing you to do nothing but waste time.

The powerful effect of procrastination is its ability to help you prolong the things you can achieve. If you finish a task in the next 4 hours, delaying it can make it 10 hours longer.

It means you have spent 6 good hours being lazy. Know one thing that procrastination promotes laziness.

6. Fear and lack of confidence

These two are like twins too! How can you lack confidence without being afraid? Well, fear is what makes us lack confidence. The fear of speaking up for yourself, the fear of showing off your talent, and the fear of failing.

It is also one of your biggest enemies. Fear has made many people lose their dreams. And don’t forget that a lack of confidence cannot and will never exist without the fear element.

Strengthen your self-confidence and let fear go away. Want to have confidence overnight? Then trust in God. If you have complete faith in God then nothing can shake you.

7. Negative Society

Bad environment and bad people is what we call a negative society. Sometimes we don’t even dream of achieving success because of the kind of people we meet and the society we are in.

With whom do you mingle? who are your best friends? If your answer to this question is negative, then you should know that you are in a negative society.

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