6 Funny Ways to Break Up with your BF/GF

Breakups are never easy. Is there a way to have a bizarre breakup and then respectfully go your separate path? Can we normalize a breakup just once as favorability and loyalty? If you are someone who believes that love can happen again and breaking up is not a sin, then you love yourself completely. If you have a breakup itch and are looking for Strange ways to break up with BF / GF, Then keep reading!

Send motivational quotes

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Make it a point and start sending them motivational quotes about dealing with breakup before telling them. If they ask about it, ask them to wait for a week!

Play breakup songs on a long drive

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Take them on a long drive and keep playing Golmaal songs. Finally, tell them that you are breaking up as if the song made you.

You are gay

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Let them know that you are gay. It’s sad but true and you can’t help it!

Tell them you love a celebrity

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This is going to be super easy. Say that you love a celebrity and you are going to find them and marry them!

Change Your Credit Card Details

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We know that they got all the details and just changed them. Send them a text that you want to change the status of your relationship as if you changed the details!

Send breakup gift

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Send them a funny breakup gift! A blast box with all the reasons you can’t be with them or a cake that says congratulations you’re single again!

We know that breakups are not easy. It is time for you to choose yourself and become an independent bird again! try these Fun ways to break up with your BF / GF And thanks later!