6 Colourful Plants that You can Gift on Holi

A kaleidoscope of colors, Holi is round the corner. The entire atmosphere is filled with colors on this festival. People are excited to surprise their family and friends with a lively gift that will bring a smile to their face immediately. Getting the right gift that resonates with the colorful theme of Holi is a must. And so that’s why we came together Colorful plants that you can gift on Holi. Take a walk through our hand-cooked plants that will make your famous balm come alive in the right way!

Tropical Hibiscus Plant

A symbol of health and beauty, the Hibiscus plant is one of the most beautiful plants with which you can surprise your family and friends on Holi.

Ixora Plant

An Ixora plant will mesmerize the receiver with its beauty and make for an extraordinary Holi gift!

Adenium obesum

Known as Desert Rose Plant, Adenium obesum is a symbol of wealth. Give a gift to your favorite family member on Holi as it will fetch money and give flowers a grand look.

Pincetia plant

Poinsettia is a famous plant that people give at Christmas. Its stunning red colored leaves are an ideal choice for all those who are looking for vibrant gift ideas for Holi.

Orange orange

A plant that has orange flowers and emerald green leaves, this is a great gift for those who love brightly colored flowers!

Red Agononema Plant

The Red Aglonima plant is a wonderful creation of Mother Earth because it has green and red leaves. Beautiful hues on leaves and a gold pot makes it a wonderful Holi gift for your family!