55+ [Funniest] Happy Birthday Meme for loved ones -2021

Happy Birthday Meme: Birthdays are having much importance in every region irrespective of age and class. It has more significance among college and school students that includes surprises, parties and lots of fun. Exchanging greeting cards and wishing in a formal way has become old and anyone can guess what is about to come. The latest trend is having Birthday meme similar moments and situation that can create a buzz in social media as well as among a group of friends celebrating the birthday of a peer.

These Funny Birthday Meme are to be taken in a supportive way as it is just for fun to give a memorable moment to the special day. If it may be you or your loved ones make sure to get an excuse or prepare a good present for him to make his day with this awesome memory.

Happy Birthday Meme Funny for loved ones 2021

Happy Birthday Meme 2021 Funny

Those memes for birthday will surely make the surprise more funny and unforgettable creating a joyful environment and energizing everyone in your place. Try some real funny memes to keep this day registered on her mind.

Cute birthday meme images

No birthday gifts: –

You may have presented lots of gifts to your friends and classmates in their birthdays and also involved in the surprising moments too. If you get all your friends gathered for cake in your place and without any gifts, then that moment will be so frustrating. There will surely be some friends who take a lot of gifts but never spend a penny on buying a gift for you. If you are frustrated too with such moments then this birthday meme is perfect. You can also post this on your friend’s timeline but make sure to give a gift after that.

Cute birthday meme

Craving for parties 

There will be a person in your friends’ circle who craves for the party any time even if he doesn’t get a moment for the party. It will also seem to be frustrating when your close friend doesn’t know your birth date and when he comes to know about what he wishes and simultaneously asks for the party. Preserve this moment for your dear friends who talk about the party even if he doesn’t remember the birthday date. It is also a good means to express your anger to your best friends that you can’t say face to face.

Cute & funny birthday meme

Skipped friend

Distributing sweets or chocolates is done by everybody in school days or even in the office as an employee. While distributing sweets one might be skipped if he is out of the group or never has given any sweets on his birthday. When that person wishes on the spot and asks for sweet then it will be hilarious within your group. If you have spotted any of such persons in your office or schools then tag him or her with this birthday meme.

Cute birthday meme images

Mean friend

You may have friends who ask everything they have given for the return of the same price and value. If you have faced such a situation with your friends or any other person who gave more chocolates than other on his birthday then you could have surely remembered his furious face. Asking two chocolates with anger is quite a funny moment when shared by such a picture.

Happy Birthday Meme

Left friend

It may be annoying when a person of your class or group skips your invitation among others. It may get too frustrated if you have invited him or her for every party you have celebrated in your place. However, this meme will help you, in this case, making the other person realize about your feeling of anger at that moment.

Happy Birthday Memes for Adults

Birthday Memes for Adults: Memes are popular in social media nowadays and mainly in youth for every event possible. Birthdays take the most prominent place for memes for sharing humor and fun with friends as well as the birthday person. Being the new trend in social media, memes are used by every youth to wish or troll anyone in birthday event to create humor and obviously to bring a smile on the face.

Memes made with cartoon characters or celebrities can match the character of the birthday person by some unique and often used phrases by the birthday boy or girl. You can create any number of memes on websites with readily available images in it which refers to the targeted audience. Relating the expression on the image and the phrase resembling the person makes it the best meme ever.

Birthday Meme with Old Funny Uncle

Wishing a friend need not be elegant and polite as everything is accepted in friendship. Most often the wish made with rude or careless manner is liked by friends and also remains memorable. This meme is for friends who want special greetings and wishes from friends but never give them in return. Post this on Facebook or WhatsApp to see the reaction of birthday friend.

Birthday Memes for Adults

Happy Birthday Meme with Cute Kid

It is quite common in every age of peoples and mostly in youth to completely rely on the birthday friend for meals and dinner in the name of the party. Most of them think that there is no need of using my money on the birthday as meals and dinner will be free saving their money. Tag this meme with such a person who is such a cunning minded fellow as the boy in the image.

Happy Birthday Memes for Adults

Birthday meme with Party lover 

People spend most of their money on a birthday party with friends on their birthday. There will also be a few people who are good at attending other’s birthday parties and eating with their money but never spend a penny for others on their birthday. The perfect revenge for such a person who never brings money for the birthday party is the meme, post this and tag that friend to create a stir and fun.

Birthday Meme for Adults

Happy Birthday Meme with Drinking Friend

No birthday party ends without a drink lover friend in it and most of them never stop drinking as it is free for the day. You must have known such a friend who has no will to stop drinking on the birthday party of the friend. Tag a friend who thinks that he will go on drinking on your birthday party and have a perfect cunning mind. This way of humor is liked by most of the friends and is a lot of fun.

Funny Birthday Meme for Adults

Birthday memes are just for fun and are not taken seriously by any of the friends. Moreover, it’s perfect for spotting the notorious mindset of a friend who has cunning planning for your birthday. Humor in such phrases and expressions in images clearly depicts that the behavior of the friends in that specific situations. A well-made funny birthday meme will definitely touch the heart and turns catchy for the friends that you are resembling through the meme. It’s definitely to bring a smile on the face of the birthday friends and create a closure environment in the relationship with fun and humor as a special touch that will definitely be a good memory for a long time for sure.

Birthday memes for women

Among all other birthday greetings and wishes, birthday memes for women are the most popular and funniest. Unlike boys, girls have their own style of wishing and greeting a person that may be a friend or else elder ones. Most of the wishes by girls seem to be cute no matter how they wish, but some awkward wishes on birthday are truly hilarious. If you have been through such funniest moments on any girl’s birthday than memes related to such situation and scenarios will enhance the fun of the conversation for sure. Use this meme to express your feeling or to make fun of any person who has created a funny moment in the special events with you.

Asking for chocolates

Birthday memes for women

if you are in a class and your teacher asks for chocolates in the middle of your class then it will be quite different from your point of view. The time may come when your friend is a teacher and she is asking you chocolates in the middle of the class. Students who have spared chocolates can offer them to her but what if nothing is left after the distribution in class and teacher asks to bring chocolates to her after the class is over. You may have to offer your chocolates for sure.

Those cheap thoughts

Birthday memes for women friend

It’s obvious that every group has one such friend who wants to spend all your money on birthday. Not only for the party but also when you give a treat to your friend in a restaurant then she will have these thoughts running on her mind. Mostly such girls think about making your purse empty with expensive dishes that she can’t afford on regular days. As she got a chance now itself, it is quite smart on her part to take some expensive dishes as a treat for your birthday.

Birthday memes for old women friend

Selfie Fans

In every birthday party such girls will surely be seen who are just about selfies and pictures. If you know such girls in your group who takes a long time for makeup and the rest of the time for selfies. Even they look just fine in light, a makeover is compulsory in every event and thus the meme will be perfect for such girls in a funny way to express their makeover moments.

Birthday meme for women

Over exciting girlfriend

Girls are more possessive about their girlfriends than their boyfriends as they share a lot of secrets with them. Some will be so over excited that they just shout announcing the birthday of their best friends. It will be embarrassing to the friends but will be quite hilarious to other people present there. If you know such persons who have such an extrovert friend who just shouts in over excitement then tag that friend with your pic and make fun of them. Some girls also take a party from their friend just to empty their bag too.

Funny birthday meme for women

Annoyed friends

There will also some friends who just get annoyed if you don’t take pictures with them just for social sites or for posting in WhatsApp That expression of asking the selfies in an annoyed manner will be quite funny with their face. The girl in this meme is asking the same as your friend. Tag that friend and create a funny moment on your birthday.

Happy Birthday meme for mom

Birthday of mom is the most liked by everyone as she is given higher importance in a family and also loved by all. When kids tend to celebrate mom’s birthday, things turn hilarious in many aspects. Love for your mom can also be expressed through memes in a funny way without any formal greeting or else bouquet or gifts. School kids mostly have expectations on the treat or some special food that has to be made on her birthday and thus shows their feelings with some funky expressions.

Desperate about special dishes

Latest Birthday Memes for Mom

As the birthday of mom is a special event, most children look out for a delicious special dish without following the routine meals. Some kids are too naughty and demand every favorite dish for themselves in spite of celebrating the birthday with some surprises. One such kid’s expressions with the feeling of desperately wanting a treat from her mother show it all. Moms will like those memes as they are cute and funny too and moreover there is a chance of getting your favorite dish on this special occasion.

Want an excuse – Funny Birthday Meme

Birthday Memes for Mom

Most children hide their mark sheet from mom if they have obtained lineally fewer marks in exams. Normally they have to face the anger of moms either with scolding or restriction of mobile usage for some days. But on special occasions like her birthday, there will be less chance of getting any scold or hit from mothers. Many kids take this as an advantage to reveal the secrets on her birthday. If you have such a friend in your group then this meme will be perfect on his mom’s birthday.

Active kids

Happy Birthday Memes for Mom

Some kids are super fast in their thinking and also closer to mom. There will be many things that they wanted desperately in the past but may not have got an opportunity to ask those things to their mom. As birthday is one overwhelming occasion for moms, this will be the best chance for those kids to buy some ice cream or any gift by themselves on the mother’s name and run from there before getting caught.

For a good impression

Birthday Meme for Mom

Many kids in a house wants a good impression of mother mainly on her birthday to get a good name or else for a good treat from her. In case if they forget to buy any special gift for her or else doesn’t have any remaining pocket money at that time, then some cunning thoughts run through their minds. One of such thoughts would be stealing birthday gifts of siblings and wrapping with the name of mom’s which is super hilarious.

Direct demand of boy

Birthday Memes for Mom Images

There are kids who ask for some special dish or chocolates on mom’s birthday but there will also be some sweet heart’s of a mother who can even directly demand treat in their own way. You may also have such friends in your group who are too free with their mom and can demand to treat directly. Moms find this picture cute but it can be a funny meme for your group to have such a friend in your class.

Those moments of demanding gifts or presenting gifts to the loveable mom can be expressed in a cute and funny way through some of the most trending memes in social media.

Birthday Memes for Brother

Birthday Memes for Brother: Anyone’s birthday in home feels exciting but the brother’s birthday is its own significance and if he is elder brother than a party is coming for sure. However, greeting your brother with cake and some gifts is very formal and boring too. Wishing in a unique way makes the event as well as day unforgettable so try the memes with matching expression of your brother or your sibling’s expression on his birthday.  These cool memes are funny as well as brings a smile on the face of your brother. There are lots of scenes happening in your home daily with your parents or your siblings, try to capture those moments with funny characters to make the event hilarious. Try out some funny expressions of kids that match your friend on his brother’s birthday too.

Starving brother

Birthday Memes for Brother

You may have a younger brother who is starving for delicious food every day and always thinking about it. Moreover, if it’s your elder brother’s birthday then special dishes are compulsory in every home that keeps his eyes on the dish literally throughout the day. Post the meme tagging your younger brother which will definitely be funny in your parent’s group or else in your friend’s Facebook group. The expression of peter parker is too cute and funny.

A teasing brother

Happy Birthday Memes for Brother

You may have a brother who always keeps fighting with you by either teasing or else for any preferences at the home. If it is his birthday then you have a good chance to pull his leg through this funny meme. It will definitely make his day by bringing a smile on his face. It will also be appropriate for your friends who are always teasing their younger brothers. This will work perfectly if you already have planned a surprise party for a brother to reduce his disappointment to some extent.

Demanding brother

Birthday Meme for Brother

Your brother may have taken a good treat from you on your birthday in past, and now it is your chance. Make sure to make him remember the treat he took from you last year and post this meme with this totally annoying a ferocious face to get a treat from him on his birthday. It is quite funny and hilarious that every brother will fall for it and the party is sure. Apart from that make sure to arrange a birthday party at your place to appreciate his treat for you on that day.

Party is Over Funny Birthday Meme

Happy Birthday Memes

As it is the birthday of your brother, a party is sure in your house. What happens if the invites are more than expected and the whole cake is taken by all attendees in the place? The expression when no piece of cake is guaranteed at last is really funny. If your brother has invited a lot of persons to his birthday party then this meme will help you to make him realize. Post this picture and tag him after the birthday party. There is surely a chance to get a larger piece of cake.

Always Ready for Party

Funny birthday meme for brother

Not only siblings, but you may also know several people around you who always wants a party no matter what occasion it is. If you have a brother who is going to a celebrate birthday party without inviting you, then this meme is favorable to your side for getting a good party with a funny greeting style of trump.

Female Birthday memes

Birthdays are special for everyone in a society irrespective of age and gender but female birthdays are something special probably. If you are going to attend a birthday party of a girl that may be your friend or relatives, then you can see lots of funny characters as well as a funny conversation taking place at a time. As girls like to gossip about every other thing that is running on, some quite hilarious comments get passed on by many of them.

Overconfidence Girl

Funny Female Birthday memes

Most girls always take care of their beauty and compares with every other girl who comes in front of their eyes. Such girls also seek attention of everyone around them and mostly boys. They also compare the birthday girl who should get ready in a new dress as a center of attraction and boasts themselves. If you have a friend with such qualities and always boasting about herself in any moment possible then this meme will be a proper answer to her actions.

That complete birthday girl

Female Birthday meme

It is pretty obvious that every birthday of friends and classmates ends up with a party and a treat from the birthday girl. Getting a party from friend is not so easy as most of them wants to save money on their birthday. There will also be some girls who have neither gifted anything nor given a treat. If you can get a treat from such girls then it’s quite an achievement for sure. This moment might have come in your school days when you took a treat from the oldest.

Revenge of a pranked girl

Female Birthday memes pics

Most girls have accountability in every aspect and them also compares the gift given by you and return the same valued gifts for your birthday. There can also be some girls who present a larger packet wrapped with almost nothing in it. If you find such gifts package with a big wrapped packet but a small gift then you will surely get frustrated. The moment becomes more frustrated if nothing comes in a wrapped gift, express your frustration through this meme.

It’s Her Birthday Meme

Female Birthday memes images

You will surely have one such girl in your group who can’t take the feeling of getting lower in the beauty of others. They get depressed by seeing other girls who are glowing more than her and maintains the sadness until she gets away from there. They also feel that all others are paying more attention to the birthday girl than her. If you have such a friend in your circle then this meme will be perfect on her timeline.

Jealous girls

Female Birthday memes

It is quite common that a birthday girl is wearing some special attire on her birthday which will definitely be a center of attraction everywhere. The perfect hilarious moment comes when your friend’s boyfriend pays more attention than her. The frustrated feeling of her looks quite funny and awful. If you have gone through such moments in your life then this meme will be perfect for your friend.

You may also have a friend who likes gossiping about everybody and creates a joyful moment out of a strictly decent occasion too. If you want to point out such conversations and the person talking about that in a funny way then memes will be the best. Keep smiling and i wish you loved reading Female Birthday memes..

Funny birthday memes for daughter

Among all birthday’s daughter’s birthday have immense importance to parents. It is the most special day for them when she is a little cute girl. However, the friends attending the birthday party event remains in their own mood of gossiping and talking about the event. If you are celebrating your daughter’s birthday party and have invited all your friends and relatives then these scenarios will surely take place.

Happy Birthday Meme Gossiping friends

birthday memes for daughter

It may be any event or occasion, if two or more girls meet in a place then gossip starts for sure. If your arrangement of the party is good, then the gossip will take place based on that. Even if your daughter is looking pretty with some special attire, then the gossip will be based on her. There can also be gossip from a new person who has never seen your daughter for a long time. However, if you notice such situations at your birthday party, then this will be perfect for them.

It’s our daughter’s birthday

Latest birthday memes for daughter

Almost in every home, the father remains busy in their office works with busy schedules. They may forget small things like making an arrangement for chocolates or buying a preferred cake. The moment when mom shouts on father to remember and bring chocolate for their daughter is truly hilarious. If you have come through such moments in your office or working place then tag those couple in this pic and see their reaction for their actions in office.

Invitation by moms

Funny birthday meme for daughter

Daughter’s birthday is probably the special moment for their parents, but some moms will invite like they are a

very important person in the society and no one has celebrated a birthday party more grandly like them. If you have encountered such moms who invited for her daughter’s birthday party with attitude, then this meme will make her realize about the reaction of you when she invited. It is also for those who want to invite such a person who never attends a party or never brings a gift.

Budget oriented

Happy birthday meme for daughter

Every special event and occasion in-home needs some out of pocket expenses from parents to make the day special. When it comes to a birthday party, it is just to spend an inch on buying a costly cake or an expensive gift to make the daughter’s day special from everyone else. When there is a congested amount of budget for the expenses on birthday for daughter then most moms start to think about the future expenses and also started to estimate the whole amount. If you have such a friend in your group who thinks about money while celebrating her daughter’s birthday then this meme will suit her.

Birthday Meme boasting circle 

Funny birthday images for daughter

No matter whatever the occasion is, almost all girls like to boast about themselves and compares everything with their past events. Even if you compromise on the birthday cake and decorations then you will surely become the center for gossip to them. You will surely have such a gossiping group in your circle who never stops boasting about themselves.

Please Believe Me – Funny Meme

Funny birthday memes for daughter

Some moms can’t be believed to have a daughter as they look so young and beautiful. If you are one of this kind then this meme will express your feeling in your circle when you are asked such a doubtful question.

Apart from that, the mother and father of a girl also have some hilarious situation on that in the arrangement of a grand birthday party to make it special than the other’s event that year.

Keep smiling and i wish you loved reading Funny birthday memes for daughter.


50th Birthday memes: Memes are the new cool nowadays to wish friends on birthdays as greeting cards and flowers are turned old nowadays.  Moreover, birthday memes are the center of attraction in social media which grabs people’s attention faster than normal wishes. It is quite often that a unique way of wish or greeting is appreciated anywhere but funny memes on birthdays such as 50th birthday give a smile on the face of the birthday person. People celebrating birthdays of their equal age persons surely tries to make fun in their wishes to create a casual or free environment in their friendship and memes are quite a good addition to maintain the funny moments and to make the birthday memorable in friends circle or in WhatsApp groups.

50th Birthday Memes – with 50th Number

50th Birthday Memes

Most people get to cut the cake with the same number of the candle as their age. When all those 50 candles in 50th birthday lit up, it gives a feel like huge fire in the room. The baby probably lit 50 candles that blow up the house with the candles. This is perfect fun for the people who prefer this way.

Drink according to their age meme

50th Birthday meme funny

It is obviously known that friends are all about the party and drinks at Matching the investment with the age is also quite a normal thing, but the real humor comes when friends ask for the same number of glasses as the age. Leonardo’s expression gives a hint to the birthday person to arrange them before they ask. 

Person having a luxurious party

50th Birthday meme images

Other than the rich person having a luxurious party with all matching props, most of the friends force to blow up the same number of candles as their age. The real frustration begins when the magic candles are on the cake and the age is increasing year by year. Blowing 50 candles is quite a nightmare to the birthday person which is represented by Robert.

Blowing 50 candles

50th Birthday meme

Blowing 50 candles on a birthday is the thing which makes many people afraid of. All of the 50 candles look frightening when they are lit in the same place. It will be a fun warning to your friends who are going to celebrate their birthday within a few days to get ready for the candles and will also give a jerk to the birthday person like the man in the meme.

Making memes with the similar characteristics as of the birthday person resembling the same deeds are turned out to be quite close to heart and funny too. A few emotions such as annoy, cry, anger etc are used to represent the person as most of the friend’s circle have an idea about it for sure. Funny memes not only gathers attention in a circle but also makes the person think about the awkward resemblances and adds a memory on the event.

Mostly, the images with cartoon characters, celebrities or animals are preferred in memes to point the person indirectly just with the phrases and looks used in the memes. Most times, the expression of babies can also be a good impact on social media that resembles the birthday person who is celebrating the 50th birthday.

Funny 50th birthday meme

Birthday has great importance among all other special occasions, but a 50th birthday is something more special than a normal one. Many say that half of life is successfully completed. Others say that they are still young, even in fifty years of age and there are a lot more things to achieve. However, birthday at this age can be hilarious too. Friends in this age celebrate in a grand way when compared to others in their own excitement. If you have such a person in your life then these memes will help you get closer to their minds and enrich their activeness too. Many funny conversation and moments happen on this particular birthday which can be funnier if expressed in a funny way with funny expressions and emotions.

Drinker friend

Birthday meme for drinker friend

It is quite obvious that many of the friends start drinking after their retirement in their spare time. If you have such an old person in your family or group then you can forward this meme to him asking 50 beers on his birthday. As the number 50 syncs with the age of the birthday person, it will be quite funny and hilarious too. Also lighting candles on each of the beer cases makes it subtle and exciting too. You can post this picture to the timeline of the person and ask him for a treat.

Cake on fire

Funny 50th birthday meme photos

You may have known about the belief that the age of the birthday person should be equal to the number of candles on the cake. But 50th birthday seems to be quite dangerous as all fifty candles look like heavy fire on the candle. This awful expression defines the moment when a person sees such a cake with lots of candles on it. If you have celebrated anyone’s birthday in the same manner, then this will be the perfect picture to post him as he must have felt the same way while seeing the cake for the first.

Expressions of people

Funny 50th birthday meme pics

On your birthday, you may have got lots of wishes and greetings that make your day more special, but 50th birthday celebration is something different than the casual celebration events. Most people wish in an awkward way which seems that they are doubting your age. Things get more hilarious if their expression gets registered in your mind after the wish. If you got such an awkward wish, then this meme is perfect to represent that person.

50th birthday cake

Funny 50th birthday meme

Although this doesn’t happen in every birthday function, it seems to be too funny for saying. Cake with lots of candles makes the birthday person terrified for sure as it looks lightening with huge fire on it. If you are dreaming about such a cake on your 50th birthday, then this cake is the same cake which you will get. If your friend is going to celebrate his 50th birthday then send this picture to him to see his reaction.

Funny birthday wishes

Funny 50th birthday meme images

Most of the near and dears wishes in a funny way mainly on 50th birthday as the person has become old for sure. But it’s a sportive kind of wish that brings a smile on his face. Tag a close friend of yours with this meme and see his expression after seeing it.

Happy birthday meme for sister

Celebrating sister’s birthday with lots of gifts and surprises including all her favorite dishes for making her day special is the old tradition. Although love for sister is still preserved in the brother’s heart, the way of surprising her with some cunning thoughts is likely to make the day memorable. However, gifts of her desire should be kept aside before trying for any funny plans over her on birthday.

Happy Birthday meme for sister

You must have a moment in your life when your father gives money to buy a present for sister’s birthday. It will be most cunning when the present is linked to the WhatsApp messages for the birthday. Most brother’s think about such plans to spend the money on their own except giving it to sisters present. You may also have such a friend who thinks differently and create a hilarious moment out of a serious conversation. Tag that friend with this pic to share those moments with the world.

Birthday meme for sister with pics

It is quite obvious that boys either don’t like their sister having boyfriends or demand something for letting them closer to her. While planning the invitation for the birthday of your sister, you must have thought something like this in your mind but haven’t said to your sister. Use this meme after the birthday party is over in the presence of her boyfriend to make her realize about your thought. It’s quite funny with such expression of the boy.

Birthday meme for sister

Girls are most fond of gifts and wrapped items and try to see what insides are first of all. If you have such curious sister who always has her eye on the incoming gifts wrapped inside then this meme will be quite familiar to you. Post this meme tagging your sister on her birthday. This will definitely be a memorable moment with lots of fun but a gift from your side is also deserved by your sister.

A comparison is common in every sibling in a home that may be food, gifts, affection, studies, and almost everything. Sometimes chocolate or cake size may differ with your siblings and if it is more special than yours then the expression also varies for sure. Capture that cunning mind of your siblings who can’t see the special cake on his sister’s birthday. The expression of this little boy says it all.

Birthday meme for sister funny

Cunning brothers are common in every house that waits for the moment to slam the cake on your face on your birthday. The sole thing that runs on their mind is to bother you in anything possible and thus slamming cake seems to be the best idea as it is your birthday. This meme represents such cunning mindsets. If you are also planning for your sister’s birthday then this picture will make them nervous for sure.

Happy Birthday Meme

Keep smiling and i wish you loved reading 50th Birthday Memes.

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