5 Ways to Remain Undefeated In Life and Cherish Each Moment Successfully

Life is an amalgamation of existence and existence. It often mimics Pandora’s box. When we talk of existence, it is related to one’s identity. When we talk about survival, stories of struggle, success, victory and defeat come into panorama. Defines the continuity of existence.

The concept of existence makes us curious about “who am I”? Whereas, the survival trend raises questions about how to know “who I am”? This journey of Who to How covers many stops and platforms to make life interesting and beautiful.

Let’s have a look around

Have you ever seen a bird making its nest? It seems beautiful yet simple, doesn’t it? Stop and think about the efforts he has put behind its construction. They collect sticks, twigs, cotton, grass, leaves, soil, and many other things. He proves to be a skilled architect of nature. This is one of their requirements for survival.

When the eggs are hatched, baby birds come into existence and struggle to survive in the outdoor environment. They adapt and try to fly. They fall and get scared but never give up because they know that it is important for their survival. Then comes a day when they soar high and climb into the sky.

Why don’t we find their existence complicated? Why do they have no emotional and mental breakdown? Man has evolved and is privileged to experience emotions.

What makes life interesting and brings you to existence?

There are 3 things that matter to your existence: desire, determination and struggle.


A person has a desire to achieve things in his mind. Sometimes desires become the cause of one’s suffering, but desires can also be the driving force, which allows you to manifest your highest potential. It is important to have desires. It inspires us to move forward to victory. This gives us a reason to work and strive for more.

But desire should not dominate you, and you should not depend on it to be happy. Your will and attitude determine your attitude towards its fulfillment. Many times we do not get desired results. Sometimes it is better than what we think and sometimes it is the opposite. A wise man is neither swept away with victory nor disappointed by failure.


If the will is force, then surely there is velocity. Their product empowers us to be courageous and fight like an invincible soul. Determination provides a direction and brightens your path to success. Therefore, every time, you get a shock in life. When life throws curve balls, apply techniques of self-motivation and knowledge.


When we do not achieve a set goal, we consider ourselves a failure. When life does not seem easy, when things turn against or contrary to our expectations, we define the situation as difficult and full of conflict.

The real struggle in life is not with the situation but with the self. If you succeed in winning at the lowest stage of your mind, your weaknesses, then you win half the battle. We win the other half with courage, hope and victory.

It is important to win, but more important to never give up. It doesn’t matter if you remain undefeated, it’s a success.

Here are 5 ways to stay undetermined:

1. Make a habit of reading and self-motivation

In a moment of confusion and doubt, books prove to be a guiding force and a loyal companion, capable of empowering and motivating you. When we are stuck in a situation and are not able to detect anything, reading an article, blog, book or magazine has been proven as a savior.

The habit of reading helps you to learn and grow. It is like self-help pills. You keep yourself motivated. Whenever doubt comes, you seek the writings of ancient wisdom, derive its meaning from it and place yourself in a higher living position.

2. Thinking and introspection

Thinking is an art, and introspection is a tool to do this art. When we spend time with the inner self, we consider many things. When we communicate with ourselves, we get answers to many questions, and our vision becomes more clear.

We know ourselves. We are not influenced by people’s criticism or applause. We constantly focus on our thoughts and continue on the path chosen, and this is the key to achieving your goal.

3. Inspire a mentor

A mentor is one who guides you and enables you to achieve success in your life. A mentor is a source of inspiration. A patron can be anyone; A teacher, a friend, your parents, grandparents, or even some celebrity. When you are down and depressed, see your mentor and many deadlock in your life opens up automatically.

4. Connect yourself to spirituality

Spirituality is the way to live a life unaffected by worldly matters. When we open the door for eternity, we leave our footprints. This will not only guide others but also pave their way to a peaceful life.

Practicing yoga brings you closer to spirituality and meditation and helps with mental health. Therefore, there is a quality of lotus flower in yoga and meditation. No matter what situation you are going through, you will blossom.

It calms your mind, relaxes your body, and improves your concentration. Your stress levels decrease and your body and mind regain hormonal balance. This balance increases your confidence and your belief system. It is a capsule for the overall development of your personality and incorporating this habit into our routine gives us a high level of success.

5. Be courageous and never give up

Courage is a quality that enables us to realize our dreams. You must have courage to keep fighting the war of life. It helps you to overcome your fear. When you win over your phobia, you increase your ability. You are never defeated, and it is an epic victory that can report.

In the weakest of your moments, when life seems unfair and cruel, calm down, take a deep breath, close your eyes and talk to yourself. Show gratitude for everything you have. You will find the meaning of your existence and morality will never let you give up in order to survive. You will get victory.