5 Ways to Find Everyday Motivation in the Least Likely Places

When you are down in the dump, the natural thing you want to do is find motivation to recharge and restart. But unlike computers or phones, people don’t work that way … or do they?

Think of it this way, people are natural sources of inspiration, and we might not even be aware of it. Remembering the happy counter girl and the helpful man in the queue the last time you went to the store, you came out smiling and feeling good, right? This is because those people have accused you of their positive energy.

The problem is that just like them, there are people with negative energy who drive you away from their motivation. After interacting with them, you feel listless, depressed or just short. In such a scenario, I would recommend you to revisit that grocery store, but it is not practical.

Here are 5 possibilities to get your dose of inspiration:

1. Air from within

And from where will you get inspiration quickly but yourself? You are the ultimate source of inspiration. Do not believe me? Try these strategies.

Think about the reason why you are feeling down, and consider it as a challenge. Treat it as a game, and you have to beat your competition with any strategy you can think of and come out on top. Think energy boost?

Next, dive into it and consider why you feel such a failure. Is this a career option? Facing an incident with your ex in an office gathering? The boss who always criticizes you? Take these issues one by one and prepare a plan to deal with them.

Change your career if you should give 200 percent of your time. Avoid your ex or talk with them. Confront your boss by telling them how disappointed you are with their behavior, or keep criticizing them. The point is not to turn over but to decide what to do and pull you down.

Perhaps this feeling of failure that is pulling you down stems from your fear. To make it right and regain your motivation, you have to face your fears. There is no way around it so you can also deal with it like a “challenge”. That word again, you know what to do now.

2. Tune into ted tox

What if you still can’t find inspiration from within, and still feel down? Ted Talks are the best source of inspiration. Real experience. real talk. You can’t get closer to the real inspiration than Ted Talks. Every TED talk, from career to personal, emotional, educational, etc., takes you on a speaker’s journey, forces you to face their reality, and ends with a solution, which can be yours as well.

One of my favorites is Adam Grant, “Are You a Giver or a Taker?”. It has really given me an idea of ​​what my life is and what I would like to change. One of the lines that struck me and swept my life: “If you are a matchmaker, you try to keep the balance of giving and taking: quid pro quo – if you do something for me I will do something for you. And it seems like a safe way to live your life. But is this the most effective and productive way to live your life?

He is just a TED talk. There are tons out there. It is not what you see but you move beyond their experiences, knowledge and lessons given.

While Ted Talks are about your average Joe you can relate to and even bump into your everyday routine, the speeches of successful people are another matter altogether.

We are talking about dynamite, the golden tycoon from the successful tycoon who has changed the world. They are revolutionizing the way we live and breathe.

And you know what else they are? They are powerhouses that have immense potential to give you the much-needed motivation to come out of your lowest. When famous people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Jack Ma, Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama are invited to give a speech, they share their world with you.

They tell us how to use smart decisions to solve complex problems. They share their dilemmas with us, and how to come out of it without harming themselves. But most importantly, they tell us about their fears, challenges and failures, which they have successfully overcome.

One of the most famous speeches, and my personal favorite, is the speech by Steve Jobs at Stanford University. Jobs, who has revolutionized the luxury branding of home computing, mobile devices, and technology, tells us that if we live every day as if it were the last, there is nothing to fear. Ultimately, fear is the reason why we do not do many things that will increase our motivation.

4. Tap into Learning

People say that teaching is a great profession but no one tells you about its inspiring aspect. Even if you are down, nothing instantly brightens your mood like a student. You feel thousands of feet tall.

You don’t have to be a full-time teacher to feel inspired. Help someone at the workplace and teach them a skill. Teach your children what you know. And if you are single, teach the neighbor’s children.

When you teach someone, you are really learning and discovering yourself. It gives you a new perspective and forces you to look at problems from the student’s perspective. And, you can find the reason for feeling demonetized, or the stresses that are pulling you down. When you are able to identify the problem, you will be able to find a solution.

5. Interested in interview

What are the New York Man, Larry King Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? You guessed it … interview. Funny or serious, interviews tend to bring out the inner person of the interviewer, but I’m sure you didn’t know that they also bring out the human side of the interviewer.

Interviews force you to put on the interviewer’s shoes, think like them and understand their dilemmas. What better lesson to take inspiration from and learn from real life people who have been there and done it?

Of course this does not mean that you start grabbing any Tom, Dick or Harry for an interview. Find an angle, get permission and have a purpose for your interview. Maybe you want to know where people go to seek inspiration, or inspire others. Or, ask people what they do when they hit bottom, or at the peak of their career.

You will be surprised, humble the experiences and feelings these individuals share. Let their responses be your inspiration.