5 Tips on How to do Video Marketing for your Business

video marketing

Video content has become a phenomenon across all social media platforms and other public forums, helping each individual and company to sustain their business in the digital world. Traditional marketing methods have become less effective than the current video marketing strategy.

The popularity of video content is skyrocketing every minute as video marketing has become the only effective source of communication with an audience that dominates all other mediums.

The job of video marketing not only ceases to capture the attention of many viewers, but also extends to increasing the user traffic and conversion rates of your website. A significant investment in video marketing can deliver substantial business returns faster than any other marketers or marketing strategy. Thus, video marketing is an impressive tool.

Why is video marketing important?

The whole world is watching videos on their mobiles, laptops, television screens, desktops and other devices, at least at some point in their daily lives. In the US, digital video marketing is a multimillion dollar business ($26.3 billion in 2020) industry.
On average, people watch over a billion hours a day on YouTube, making video the most engaging medium for any audience. Organizations have started leveraging video content to their advantage by increasing sales and traffic to their websites.

Statistics that establish video as the future of marketing

A HubSpot report states that 54% of people watch videos every day, and about 78% of people watch videos online every week. HubSpot also found that 72% of consumers will learn about a company’s service or product through video alone.
Research from Google shows that 6 out of 10 people prefer to watch online videos rather than television.

Unbounce found that a video on a business’s landing page can increase the conversion rate by up to 80% and is 53 times more likely to reach Google’s front pages.
Cisco’s research states that by 2022, online video will accommodate more than 82% of all consumer online traffic, which is about 15 times more than in 2017.
So, if you haven’t started using video marketing features, now might be the best time to step in and secure the future of your business.

Important tips for doing video marketing for your business

1. Analyze Your Video Goals

The initial step in creating a video strategy is assessing and deciding on the goals and objectives of your video. Video goals should include increasing brand awareness, solving all consumer problems, providing cost-effective solutions to critical issues, demonstrating evidence of customer satisfaction, and letting viewers know why they should choose you over the competition. Once you’ve selected all of your goals, you can decide what type of video content you want to create.

2. Find and focus on your target audience

Finding your target audience is a decisive step in any business, as the strategy is considered a flop if it cannot meet the intended goal. A considerable amount of data and building buyer persona can provide a basic idea for a company to know who the target audience is. Buyer personas can include name, age, location, gender, interests, social media accounts and designations to ease the search process.

3. Plan Your Video Story and Approach

The story or script is the core element of the content, and the massive success of any viral video will primarily focus on the story alone. The video should include a sense of the story so that viewers can feel a personal connection to the story and convert them into potential customers.

However, the best success rate with video marketing is given only if you use the right tools. Programs like YouTube Video Editor Online Free, Social Media Calendar, InVideo Video Maker and the right scheduler will help you manage all your workloads.

4. Add Creative Elements to Your Videos

The modern world has made video creation easy, quick and affordable. Tools like InVideo Video Maker, Adobe Premium, YouTube Video Editor Online Free, and other powerful video editors and makers can help you add voice, music, text, logos, animations, graphics, and other advanced features to videos.

Adding creative elements to videos is essential as it is the easiest way to make your video stand out from the crowd and improve user traffic.

5. Limit to a Realistic Budget

Money is the final factor which decides the outcome of any product. Do proper research on all the elements that will increase your budget and have basic knowledge at the expense of hiring full-time professionals or freelancers for certain activities.
Decide on all shooting factors, and make sure you know all the resources available at your disposal. Some types of video cost more, and outsourcing to a production company will also cost more. So, gather all the information required to proceed with the shoot and get approval for the estimated budget.

last word

Technological advances in today’s world have made it easy to create a professional looking short video in just a few minutes. Video marketing has become the most successful strategy globally, and about 60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool.

The ever-increasing growth of video content has caused customers to rely more on branded companies to release informative or review videos. So, start using powerful video marketing strategy in your business to generate profitable returns and improve high customer engagement.

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