5 Things I’ve Learnt From Selling Private Jets to 7 Figure Coaching Programs

When it comes to sales, especially in luxury/high ticket sales, I’ve seen it all. Having worked both as an owner of a sales agency, luxury sales brokerage and also as a high ticket sales consultant/coach/strategist, I have been privy to almost every sales trend, sales strategy or formulas to be mentioned. And yet I rarely use any of them.

The only time I’ve tried selling with a sales script or set formula was my first sale when I was 16, and I failed miserably. Less than 8 weeks later, I’ve failed to sell a single thing, not even a £9.99 contract. It was safe to say that I believed I would never be back in sales again. I will even go so far as to say that I hate selling. I was bullshit on him. Finish.
Fast forward and the opposite is true for today. I like to sell I not only love to sell but I sell easily. I’ve closed sales on a private jet, supercar, yacht, exactly the same way 5, 6, and 7 through figure coaching/strategy programs. You name it I can sell it, I have built a successful career in luxury/high ticket sales, not as an employee but as a business owner.

It’s not just lip service. I am so confident in my sales abilities, I have no problem pitching it to anyone I think I can help, including celebrities. Believe it or not, in the early days of my business I even raised the Queen of England. This is no joke. She never came back to me but it didn’t matter. What does do is the fact that I didn’t take it to mean anything about me as a person.

This is a common issue I see in the entrepreneurship field when it comes to sales; The habit of equating one’s own proposition or one’s worth to get a yes or no

I’ve grown revenue by 8-digits in all my businesses, working with soccer players, celebrities, and other high net worth individuals. Do I still get the odd ‘no’ – of course. Did I take this to mean that my service has no value? Definitely not.

I enjoy selling. My aim is to make sure you let yourself love sales too. After all, sales are the lifeblood of any profitable business, so it makes sense to enjoy sales if running a successful business depends on it.

Here are 5 things I learned about selling:

1. Throw away the rule book

The first major change I made that took me from struggle to sell easily is throwing out the rule book. No script, no threads, no trying to sell that everyone else said it needed to be done. I made my own way. Instead of trying to fit into someone else’s box in search of answers that worked for others, I took advantage of what came naturally to me.

There will always be someone in the business field to tell you they have The one and only magical way to sell. A magic formula, a specific sentence, the perfect sales script. Really none of those things will work for you if they don’t fit the way you naturally sell. At my agency and brokerage, each person goes through their own unique sales training. They are not asked to read off the screen or follow the formula I set. They are taught to discover their own selling rule book, their own selling super power. Which is unique to them and will enable them to flourish as a seller.

The other side of this is teaching them how to understand who they are selling to, above and beyond their demographics and how they take their coffee. While traditional selling focuses on showing itself in the best light, it often fails to see how people really like to buy and what is sold.
Selling doesn’t have to fit into a rule book created by someone else, you can sell whatever you want, the way you want, as long as it’s right for you.

2. I reclaimed the sale for myself

If you hate selling, or see it as something icky, period, then you won’t enjoy selling or selling won’t be easy. The point is, almost all of us have experienced sales situations that made us feel icky, we’ve felt pressured and left the sales experience feeling anything but burnt out.

This is where you need to recoup the sale for yourself, despite the bad experiences I’ve had selling, I decided it wasn’t really the ‘sales’ fault. Whether it had to do with the way people were implementing the sales strategy or out of alignment with the way they were selling, I could literally feel something was off.

In neither of those situations was the sale issue, but rather how the person chose to make the sale.

I decided to look at sales in a different light, to see what it really was and to separate it from those negative, icky experiences and beliefs. I see selling as an empowering experience for both the seller and the buyer. Given the right environment, people absolutely love to shop. Given the right experience, people will tell their friends about that sales experience. Making sales positive for yourself is the first step to selling with ease and confidence.

“Approach each customer with the idea of ​​helping them solve a problem or achieve the goal of selling a product or service.” – Brian Tracy

3. It’s Never About the ‘Thing’

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make and have actually made myself (oddly enough sales training I used to train people in call centers to do this) is selling that thing or Thinking that the person you’re selling to cares as well.

they do not. Listen to me. Whether you’re selling a service, a coaching package or an actual product, selling successfully isn’t all about that. It’s about how that thing drives someone to do/feel/change/get it. It’s about the destination; What will happen to the buyer as a direct result of making this purchase instead of the item.

The number of times I’ve sold a service and a client has achieved an amazing result before I even started. It is not just the ‘thing’ that yields results, it is often the mental and emotional state behind the decision to do ‘something’ about an issue that kickstarts the change.
If you keep selling stuff, you will always feel like you have to pull teeth and persuade people to buy from you.

4. Emotion is always the primary driving factor when making a purchase

How you feel when you sell to someone has a big impact on whether they buy or not. Especially in the luxury space, this is an important point to note. Our clients at the brokerage are not buying a supercar because it is a practical mode of transportation, they are buying it because it triggers a certain emotion within them that makes them feel good. It’s the same as selling in general. No matter what you are selling, they will eventually say yes and easily do so if you trigger their personal buying feelings.

Many people believe that what you say is about selling. It is not. Selling is about how you make your customer feel in that moment, in the sales experience. It is not driven by words but by feelings. If you can understand and take advantage of this, lead will always be like putty in your moral hands. Trust me, this is one of our secret weapons!

5. People don’t buy the same way

Many people forget that before anything else, people come first and as a result, because of our personal experiences, we are all different. We don’t buy the same way, we don’t buy for the same reasons every selling style doesn’t align with our personalities or values. One of the most important things to understand is who you are selling to as the buyer. Who are they not only as a person but as a real buyer? What motivates them to buy? Why do they buy? What is their shopping profile?

You may find that you have different buyers for different offers, in which case the best selling process for your offers will also differ. Take an in-depth look at who you are selling to and understand what it is that drives them to truly create a sales experience that is getting a ‘yes’ to you.

Ultimately, the biggest thing I’ve learned from selling across the board is that selling is an experience for everyone involved. This is what can make you feel massively high or massively low as a seller. The same can be said for the buyer. The real key in selling is to understand yourself, your selling superpower – like how you engage with people in general, and create sales experiences that are unique to the type of buyer you’re selling to. . Your aim is to create an emotional selling experience that gets them excited to buy from you even before you even ask for a sale!